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I Weighed Myself Every Day for a Month! Weight Loss Update!

It has been 1 month since I started trying to shed that extra 20 pounds! I’ve made a lot of progress and I am so proud of myself! The first week was the most difficult, I dealt with hardcore sugar cravings and I wanted to give-up and order pizza numerous times but I stuck it out. I am so glad I did because week 2 was much easier!

I weighed myself every day for a month instantloss.com

Week 2 was easier on the cravings front but I dealt with some frustration due to the bouncing number on the scale. Even though I know that I retain water and deal with serious inflammation when I begin working out after a hiatus, it didn’t stop me from feeling some disappointment with the numbers. But it’s so silly because I was seeing so many non-scale victories! I felt stronger, more endurance, clothes were fitting better, skin was clearer, inflammation was going down, and so much more energy! 

When I had over 100 pounds to lose, the weight came off quickly as long as I was consistent with my eating. Weight loss happened quickly and naturally. In general, the closer I get to my ideal body weight, the more difficult it is for me to see change reflected in the number on the scale. On week 2, I “only” lost .6 pounds. I was surprised because I felt like visually it looked like I lost more than that. 

I weighed myself every day for a month instantloss.com

It goes back to exercise for me, you can read this post here to get a glimpse into why I don’t lose much weight when I exercise. Click here!

But consistency is key. If on week 2 I got discouraged and gave up because I’d “only” lost .6 pounds, I wouldn’t have never made it this far! 4 weeks later, I’m down 7.6 pounds, which is truly amazing progress!

Weighing every day isn’t healthy for everyone. As I’ve shown you throughout the last month, every day has fluctuations. Weight loss is not linear! Some of the fluctuations made sense to me and others were just flat frustrating! Here is my month in weigh ins:

I weighed myself every day for a month instantloss.com

Last week, I wrote a post on Instagram about my frustrations with the scale, click here to read it.

The scale can diminish your progress sometimes. If you find yourself excited to weigh in because you feel like you’ll see the number trending down but then are disappointed with your results and thinking “what’s the use?”, it may be time to put the scale away. 

For the next month, I am going to challenge myself. Instead of weighing everyday, I’m not going to weigh myself for an entire month and I’m going to see what happens, mentally and physically. I am very excited to do this as I haven’t gone a month without weighing myself in over 3 years!


Over the next month I plan to continue working out, eating well, and focusing on the non-scale victories! Pick up a copy of the Instant Loss Cookbook to read about what I’m eating to lose the weight, click here!

I am still working on my goal to lose 20 pounds. I have 12.4 pounds to go! I am excited to see what victories the next month yields! Click here to follow me daily on Instagram:


  1. Hi, Brittany! I am very interested in your journey through weight loss and maintenance. I had gastric sleeve surgery 2 years ago, and had wonderful success with it. I am still not where I want to be, but I am not gaining either. I want to be able to cook for my entire family to eat from each day, so I bought your Instant Loss Cookbook and can’t wait to start cooking from it. Thank you for giving us incite into how you find inspiration to keep going and pushing through! It is a journey! #iamaturtletoo

  2. I literally just had this conversation with my husband this morning and I was so frustrated. Luckily I had measured myself 2 weeks prior and I measured myself today and I lost 5 inches overall!! Not frustrated anymore but you are right…need to focus on the nonscale victories.

  3. Keep up the amazing work! I’ve enjoyed so many of your recipes and blogs…inspirational on all fronts! Can’t wait to read about your progress over the next month. You got this!

  4. I really appreciate all of the details that you share about your weight loss journey. You are an inspiration! Completely unrelated but I love your hiking outfit! Would you mind sharing where they came from? Thanks!

  5. I really enjoy your recipes and have made a few. But I don’t see a plan. I don’t know what to eat or how much at each meal. How does this work?

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