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About the Book

From the utterly charming blogger who lost over 125 lbs in a year by making all her meals in her Instant Pot, 125 fast, easy, and tasty electric pressure cooker recipes for anyone looking to lose weight.

Brittany Williams had struggled with her weight all her life. She grew up eating the standard American staples – fast, frozen, fried, and processed – and hit a peak weight of 260 pounds. When her 4-year-old daughter’s autoimmune disease was alleviated by a low-sugar, dairy-free, grain-free, whole-food-based diet, Brittany realized she owed her own body the same kind of healing. So on January 1, 2017, she vowed to make every meal for a year from scratch, aided by her new Instant Pot®. She discovered that the versatility, speed, and ease of the electric pressure cooker made creating wholesome, tasty, family-satisfying meals a breeze, usually taking under 30 minutes. Not only did the family thrive over the course of the year, Brittany lost an astonishing 125 pounds.

Illustrated with 40-50 full-color photos, Instant Loss shares the 125 recipes and meal plans that Brittany used for her own weight loss, 75% of which are recipes for the Instant Pot® or other multicooker. These recipes are whole food-based with a spotlight on veggies, and mostly dairy and grain-free – and she uses ingredients that you can find at any grocery store. Her ingredient lists are refreshingly approachable, and her recipes are the clearest guides to navigating your Instant Pot® or other multicooker that you’ll find. Here’s how to make healthy eating convenient – the key to sustainable weight loss.

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About Brittany

Brittany Williams, a mother of three, blogger and self-proclaimed lover of food, decided to make a big change in her diet by removing processed snacks, takeout and high-calorie meals from her family’s menus. And she replaced those foods with healthier meals she could make in her Instant Pot. She has since lost 125 lbs and has been featured in several media outlets including Good Morning America, The Today Show, US Weekly and more.