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The Skinny on Body Dysmorphia

Someone messaged me and asked if they could see a photo of me from the side. Long story short, it was because of a thread on Facebook where I was chatting about inflammation. I had Brady snap this photo really quick. ⁣

The Skinny On Body Dysmorphia instantness.com

Then he handed the phone back to me and I had to do a double take.

Is that really me?⁣

See, the flip side of losing a lot of weight is having to relearn your body. Most days I don’t feel like I’m 130 pounds, I feel more like 190. This. Is. Body. Dysmorphia.⁣

My mind keeps telling me I’d look great if I lost 50 more pounds but I know that’s crazy, listen, I KNOW. ⁣

Often I battle it with kind words, affirmation, reassuring myself that I’m healthy, I’m strong, and I literally have nothing left to lose…⁣

I don’t always feel this way, it’s a feeling that comes and goes. Just like I didn’t always feel terrible when I was overweight. ⁣

After my personal experiences I can honestly say I now understand both sides of the coin. I grew up with a sister that was 5’9 looked like a goddess in a size 2, 120 pounds soaking wet. ⁣

She used to say things like”GOSH I’M SO FAT! I’M LIKE A WHALE! MY BELLY IS HUGE!” And I would think, “Dear God in Heaven, if she is fat, then what am I?” 😳⁣

Here’s the thing, when I felt bloated, stuffed, and icky when I was 260 pounds, it’s the same feeling I get when I’m bloated, stuffed, and feeling icky at 135 pounds. ⁣

The difference is at 260 I knew I was large, at 135… there’s a fear of going back. So now, because it’s the same feeling, when I look in the mirror I don’t just see a little bloat. I see 260 pounds.⁣

Please be kind, cause I’m getting really real with y’all here. ⁣

There is a skinny struggle. There’s a piece of me that can’t get thin enough, there’s a piece of me that was in dangerous territory of taking it from healthy to disordered eating. Because I have fat goggles. Because its difficult to see anything then what I’ve known for the past 15 years of my life.⁣

I’ve combatted this throughout my entire journey. It’s why I chose to stop losing weight when I hit the high end of normal for my height instead of low. Because I am more than a number on the scale or a side view profile.⁣


Honestly I don’t 100% know what I’m trying to get at here. But I do want to say that I get it, whether you’re 300 pounds or 130 pounds, I get it. This little space that I have here on the internet can be summed up in those words. “I get it, I’m with you, I’m sorry, I know that it sucks and it’s hard and it’s really not fair. I see you, I’ve been there, more than you know.” Whether you’re struggling with your weight, your body image, self-love, or acceptance, I am on your side.

Lastly, I am in the thick of it with you because for as far as I’ve come I still have so much left to do and I’m so grateful to have you here with me.

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  1. I appreciate your story so much. A few months ago I took a fall and fractured my knee and my ankle. I hadn’t felt good about my weight or how I looked in a long time, but at that point I was terrified that my weight would impede my recovery. At work they were starting ‘biggest loser’ challenge. I was stuck at home and completely non-weight bearing but decided that while I wouldn’t compete it was time to get my act together and get my weight under control. Today,eight months later I am down 68 pounds, with another 22 pounds to reach my goal, but know I will get there with time.You talk about body dysmorphea and it finally explains how I feel. I hear how thin I look, but look in the mirror and see the belly I still have left. O have dropped several sizes through overhauling my activity, eating and prioritizing healthy choices. I am very proud of what I have accomplished but definitely struggle with the loose skin around my middle and neck and the belly I have left. Thank you for being so open with your journey. It helps to know this is normal.

  2. Its so much worse when its the opposite though. I think Im thinner than I am and when I see myself in pictures or mirrors or a swimsuit I am mortified.

    4 babies have just destroyed my mid-section. And having PCOS means Im probably going to look like this the rest of my life.

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