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Honest Thoughts About Excess Skin After Weight Loss

Here are my honest thoughts about excess skin after weight loss.

First, I would just like to start by saying, thank you. The other day in my Instagram stories I opened up about how I feel about the remaining loose skin on my thighs and back after losing 125 pounds and the outpouring of love and positivity was beyond anything I could have imagined.

Honest Thoughts About Excess Skin After Weight Loss instantloss.com

I have mixed feelings when it comes to the remaining excess skin on my body ranging from ambivalence to feelings of pride. I think the thing that bothers me most is that I feel very disproportionate and encumbered because of it.

Two years ago I decided to have the excess skin on my tummy removed during a diastasis recti repair surgery. Skin removal was not part of my original plan when I began losing weight but rather, it became a very natural part of the journey once I reached a certain destination. 

When I started working out was when the hanging skin really began to take it’s toll on my body. It’s very heavy, it pulls, leaves rashes, requires special clothing and garments, and it can make finding things that fit right very difficult. 

I started working with a personal trainer back in 2018 to try to tone the areas where the skin was the worst. I’ve tried collagen supplementation, compression, lotions, potions, blasters, and dietary changes but after being morbidly obese for half of my life and carrying 6 babies… well, loose skin just happens.

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Electing to have surgery is never an easy thing to do. It’s why it’s taken me so long to decide whether or not the benefit outweighs the cost. But I have finally decided that for me, the benefit does outweigh the cost. 

I think coming to this conclusion was easier after I had such great success recovering from my abdominoplasty and seeing how much I love my results. So here we go again crew! Updates on my next skin removal surgeries will be forth-coming. 



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