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Skincare Routine

I’m often asked about my skincare routine and here are my top 3 secrets to having vibrant clear skin!
Top 3 Secrets To Having Vibrant Clear Skin instantloss.com

1. The base of everything is your diet. It literally affects everything in your body, yes, even your skin, and often times your hormones.

In recent years I switched to a minimally processed diet, increased my water intake, and eat LOTS of nutrient rich vegetables and fruit! I rarely get zits or blemishes and when I do I can usually trace it back to something I ate within the week prior. Your outsides reflect your insides! It’s so important to fuel our bodies well.

I have recipes and go into detail about my diet in my book Instant Loss Eat Real, Lose Weight where I also share about how diet change enabled me to lose 125 pounds!

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2. I do not use cleanser or soap on my face! You heard me right, no soap. When I was a teenager I noticed that the more cleanser I used the more awful my skin looked. I switched to a good old fashioned wash cloth with water and haven’t washed my face with anything but water in 15 years! ⁣

In addition, I limit the amount of makeup and chemicals I use on my skin. Unless I’m traveling or doing media, I go bare-faced 90% of the time.

Your skin is an organ and needs to breathe. Constantly caking on products will clog your pores and can cause your skin to over or under produce oils. ⁣

3. Vitamin D. Good old fashioned sunshine baby! Not only does getting 5 to 15 minutes of unfiltered sunshine on your face a day do your body a world of good but it can give your skin a healthy glow, increase vitamin D production, and help clear up blemishes. ⁣

I am not advocating for prolonged periods of unfiltered sunlight on your skin but a few minutes every day is so good for your body!⁣

And that’s it! Those are my tips, I hope you found this helpful!

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for all the inspiration! Do you use a make-up remover or just stick to the water and washcloth method? Thanks!

    1. Hi Dulaney! I personally just stick to the water and washcloth method when removing my makeup.

  2. I’m ready. I need this. Its been a struggle to long. I wish i could purchase both your cookbooks but I can only pick one right now. Please, which book do you suggest I purchase first? This s for serious starter of good healthy eats. Thanks so much for your time and consideration. You look amazing. Such an inspiration. I look forward to your dishes.

  3. Hi Brittney,

    What kind of makeup do you use? Have you found a type with fewer chemicals?

    Also, I have been getting recipes from your website for a couple years (and intermingling them with Taco Bell and other junk). I finally purchased two of your cookbooks within the last month and I’ve been making one of your recipes for almost every meal – down 11 pounds so far! I love the tips for when you don’t feel like cooking because I work 12 hour overnight shifts and that’s usually when I fall off the healthy choices wagon. I’m loving not having to track anything because I feel like that always made me obsess more over what I was eating, which made me hungrier. Like you, my primary focus is on treating my body better and long term health, but that weight loss sure is a nice side effect 😉

    Thank you for all you do!

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