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Thighplasty and Posterior Lift Week 2 Update

Two weeks ago I had a thighplasty and posterior back lift to get rid of the remaining extra skin I had on my body after losing 125 pounds. 

Thighplasty and Posterior Week 2 Update

Warning: This post contains graphic images! If you get queasy easily you may not want to read this post.

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I can’t believe I had major surgery 2 weeks ago! I feel 100% mentally and about 80% physically. I’ve been completely off heavy duty pain meds for a over a week. I have also been off of Tylenol for a good four days now. The only thing that is limiting me physically is my ability to bend and the freshness of my incisions. 

First time sleeping in an actual bed!

On day 12 I got a lymphatic massage, I highly recommend them! I noticed an immediate decrease in swelling and could feel my circulation increase throughout the massage. 

On day 13 I graduated from the lift chair to sleeping in an actual bed! It’s plenty comfortable enough for me to sleep on my sides or my back. ⁣⁣

It is still most comfortable to stand to use the restroom and use my GoGirl, I can’t put on my socks yet, and my right foot is still swollen (getting better though!) but I feel pretty much back to normal otherwise. ⁣

⁣Here  are a couple photos of my incisions from when they changed my tape at my 2 week appointment. Keep in mind these are very fresh wounds and as they heal they will smooth out and turn into tiny white lines. 

Before/After of my Left Thigh

The scale popped back up over the weekend because my appetite returned and my food intake increased. I’ve lost 3 pounds since surgery.

I can’t wait to run again but I have a lot more healing to do before that can happen. I am going to continue to focus on optimal nutrition, drinking lots of water, and trying my best to facilitate the healing process. ⁣

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Dr. Grant Stevens and Dr. Dan Gould were my surgeons for these procedures. 

If this is a surgery you are considering I would highly recommend watching my Instagram Highlights for the day to day recovery process. You can also subscribe for updates here as I continue to detail this journey.

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  1. I think you look great! And your incisions look to be healing nicely! I see the biggest change in the back lift. I’m proud of you for doing what makes you happy. There will always be people who don’t agree. I agree “keep those thoughts in your head people”. 🙂

  2. God bless you! Love being a part of this journey with you! You are so open and honest something that is rare these days. Prayers for quick healing and thanks for all your inspirations.

  3. This is amazing! I know how much you’ve been waiting for this. Sending you hugs and prayers ❤️🙏🏻

  4. So proud of you Brittany! Going through a major surgery is not easy and you are doing marvelously!! So SO proud and very happy for you. xo

  5. So happy for you, that is looking fantastic already!
    And, you so deserve it with all the hard work you have put it!

  6. Your post is so encouraging! This is some really great work!! The stitches are so much smaller than I expected. You’ll have a hairline scar but scars are just reminders of the tough warrior woman you are. Thank you for sharing this very personal journey with such grace and honesty. Much respect to you. Wishing you a speedy road to recovery ♡

  7. Girl…Your a rockstar! Your transformation is awesome and to be highly commended for your dedication and hard work, it has certainly paid off! Your scars are gnarly and nasty BUT they always are the first few weeks. As they say it’s worse before it gets better. I feel quite sure as soon as you can you’ll be rubbing and flattening those incisions as your drs advise. I so admire you and your strong willpower to never give up. Sending you big hugs and lotsa get well vibes! 👏🏻🥰✋🏻

  8. You are amazing! I love your positive attitude and bright smile! May God bless you on your journey to complete recovery!

  9. You look amazing!! Glad you are doing so well so quickly!! Here’s to getting out and running again soon (after your all healed).

  10. Way to go on achieving the results you’re worked diligently at. You look amazing and I hope you continue to heal.

  11. Wow! Your body is healing so well!!! Your posterior lift looks amazing. How frreeing it will be to run without loose skin! You go girl!

  12. Your incisions look amazing! No bubbling or pocketing from what I can see. So glad you did this for yourself. You are seriously an inspiration

  13. Good for you. So glad you are healing well. I had a breast reduction a few years ago and it was the best decision I have ever made. Best of luck to you!!

  14. You look amazing and when those scars will heal, and you will barely be able to see them. It will be well worth it! It’s great to see you so happy!

  15. You are doing great work on yourself! It’s a whole body process! What a change to be proud of!!

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