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Thighplasty and Posterior Lift Week 1 Update

A week ago I had a thighplasty and posterior back lift to get rid of the remaining extra skin I had on my body after losing 125 pounds. 

Thighplasty and Posterior Lift Week 1 Update instantloss.com

Warning: This post contains graphic images! 

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I’ve been off of heavy duty pain meds for over 24 hours and am taking Tylenol as needed (liver is cringing).

I’m thankful I spent the last year strength training because I could not imagine making it through this surgery without a lot of upper body and leg strength. I cannot sit normally yet so in order to use the restroom (for #2) you must squat and hold it the whole time. This requires SO much strength and I was shaking by the end of it, not because of surgery but fatigued muscles!

My appetite is slowly returning but I gravitate toward very bland boring food. Mild soups and brothssalads, juices, toast, and smoothies.

I didn’t expect to lose weight after surgery. I thought I would gain initially and then end up a couple pounds lighter in the end. But I’ve been dropping weight every day. I’ve said for years that skin removal is not a weight loss surgery and I still believe that, however I had so much extra skin in these areas (11.8 pounds, I’m still in shock) that I’m going to see this reflected on the scale.

Day 5 instantloss.com
Day 5 Post Op Sideview

People have told me for years that I look closer to 120 pounds than 140 and I think this answers why. Most people aren’t carrying nearly 12 pounds of extra skin around. Extra skin is very hide-able, it’s easy to cram into jeans, suck in with compression, and it’s only really note-able when exposed, like in a swimsuit.⁣⁣ 

I was 138.8 pounds the day of surgery. I was a few pounds up because it was the first day of my period. This morning I was 134.8 pounds.

I had my first good nights sleep since surgery last night only waking once to pee which is pretty normal for me.

Resting with my youngest

I don’t know how anyone makes it through surgery without a Brady. This is our 7th major surgery together and he’s hands down the MVP. Honestly I love being taken care of so I’m enjoying all of this individualized attention, I won’t lie.

I miss running.
Strongly dislike that I can’t pull my pants up on my own.
Some of my incisions are still lightly weeping.
My backside is still very sore.
Having your period while navigating surgery after-care is the dumbest thing ever.

Although a little sore and tired I am definitely heading into week two still thinking that this was absolutely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself!

Dr. Grant Stevens and Dr. Dan Gould were my surgeons for these procedures. 

If this is a surgery you are considering I would highly recommend watching my Instagram Highlights for the day to day recovery process. You can also subscribe for updates here as I continue to detail this journey.

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  1. You look great and your scar is going to turn out perfectly placed. I worked as a Certified Nurse in the OR (CNOR) in Plastic Surgery for 20 years. Don’t listen to the negativity. You are doing you perfectly!

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