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Thighplasty and Posterior Lift 1 Year Update

One year ago I had a thighplasty and posterior back lift to get rid of the remaining extra skin I had on my body after losing 125 pounds. 

Thighplasty and Posterior Lift 1 Year Update instantloss.com

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Originally skin removal was something I never considered, voluntary surgery wasn’t something that ever aligned with my desires for myself. But after two years of working to correct my diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation) with a physical therapist, I was referred out for surgery. 

During the repair I opted to have my excess belly skin removed, this was more than three years ago. After having my stomach skin removed I felt uneven, I still had extra back, thigh, and arm skin. It seemed even more noticeable after my excess stomach skin had been removed. But I was so happy with my outcome, I began to consider other skin removal surgeries. 

I told myself to wait two years, research, interview surgeons, and if I still wanted to do it, go for it. Two years flew by fast and fully equipped with the pros and the cons, I opted to have surgery on my thighs and back.

Thighplasty 1 Year Update instantloss.com
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It was apparent right away that something was up with my right leg. I had horrible swelling in my right leg and foot that no amount of compression, or lymphatic massage could heal. My lymph system was damaged and concerns about lymphedema began to set in. 

I’m a year post op and the swelling on my right side still has not completely subsided. It exists mildly all days and is managed with movement, diet, compression, and light massage. On bad days it flares so harshly that I can’t even get my foot in flip flops. I knew lymphadema was a risk, I just never thought it would become MY reality. 

1 Year Update Posterior Back Lift instantloss.com
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I get asked a lot if I would do it all again and honestly, I couldn’t tell you if I would or not. At this point my right leg definitely needs a revision but if I’ll ever go back under to fix it, I don’t know. I’m focusing on continuing to eat well, move more, build strength, and give my body all the tools it needs to heal. Hopefully one day I’ll get there. 

Surgery is not the easy route, it’s not a quick fix, it has challenges and struggles of its own. You can have the best surgeons in the world and still not be able to predict how your body is going to respond. 

1 Year Update Thighplasty instantloss.com
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I’ve been dreading this day because I knew writing this was going to be a bit of a bummer. But this is where I’m at 1 year post op. I’m happy to have the extra skin gone but I’m sad I traded it for swelling. I don’t dwell too much on it. It doesn’t stop me from staying upbeat or hoping that one day, I’ll wake up, and it’ll magically be gone. But it’s my current reality and I think it’s important to share the less than ideal parts too.

Swelling in my right leg and foot instantloss.com
Swelling in my right leg and foot

If you are considering these surgeries know that it’ll be a long road to recovery but a worthwhile one. I would highly recommend watching my Instagram Highlights for the day to day recovery process. 

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Dr. Grant Stevens and Dr. Dan Gould were my surgeons for these procedures. 

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  1. I’m about a month away from my mini tummy tuck. I workout consistently but I’m ready to eat clean. I’m ready to make that a priority. I’m so happy for you and your success!!

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