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Instant Loss 90 Day Challenge

Welcome to the Instant Loss 90 day challenge! This isn’t going to be easy, it’s called a challenge for a reason, but if you’re looking to take things to the next level I encourage you to join us! 

When I first began my final weight loss journey, I lost 46 pounds in 3 months. I did it by staying dedicated and committed to a plan that was serving me and my family well. I focused solely on nutrition, eating real food that came from the earth, and increasing my plant food intake. Because I was just starting out I knew that I needed to take it slow so that I didn’t overwhelm myself to the point of throwing in the towel.

The first few weeks were difficult. I experienced symptoms of withdrawal as I came off of processed sugars, food dyes, and preservatives. After the first 21 days I really hit my stride and by month three I felt like it was a lifestyle I was capable of maintaining long term. Only then did I begin to add in things like exercise.

If you are just beginning your wellness journey you may find this challenge a little overwhelming. I would encourage you to focus on nutrition, water intake, and sleep first and begin to add in other things as you hit your stride.  

90 day difference/Nutrition Only.

Creating new habits is difficult but it’s possible and this is what the Instant Loss 90 day challenge is all about! Over the next 90 days I challenge you to:

-Commit to a healthy eating plan.

I have meal plans in each one of my cookbooks and plenty of recipes online for free at instantloss.com. My food philosophy is JERF, just eat real food. I stay away from heavily processed foods, if it comes from the earth I eat it, while keeping portion size guidelines in mind. 

You can use any healthy eating plan you’d like, but commit to making a plan and stick to it.

-Get 90 minutes of movement in every day.

This can be cut in half or thirds. Walking, dancing, running, weight lifting, active chores, all count. I like to take an hour walk or jog and then do 30 minutes of stretching, yoga, or light weight lifting. 

-9,000 steps.

Every person and their fitness level is different but ultimately, most of us, should be aiming to get 7,000 to 10,000 steps a day. Lets try hard over the next 90 days to log those steps!

-Drink a minimum of 80 ounces of water a day.

This is just a standard recommendation for water intake. Some of us will need to drink more with the amount of sweating we’re about to do. On highly active days I aim to drink a gallon. If you have a difficult time hitting water goals, maybe start with adding a little electrolyte powder, like GoHydrate, to your water cup. Click here and use code INSTANTLOSS for 10% off!

-Take your vitamins 

I’ll be honest, I am not really big into supplementation because I believe that if you’re eating well there is very little supplementation you need. Two things that I always take without fail from two companies I really trust is my daily multi-vitamin and a daily probiotic. 

The quality of your supplements is important. 

Use code INSTANTLOSS15 for 15% off of my favorite probiotic!

-No eating after 7pm

The body needs time to rest and restore without expending copious amounts of energy digesting and breaking down food. Think of it this way, energy not being expended digesting while you sleep can be diverted to other processes like muscle repair, breaking down fat cells, and supporting your immune function. This is yet another reason why it’s important to pick a healthy eating plan. If your body is constantly fighting the food that you’re feeding it your immune system is not as well equipped to keep you healthy when other things it needs to fight come along. 

-Get 8 hours of sleep every night.

I know this is not practical for everyone, especially for care providers and parents who have young children. My motto is, you do the best you can when you can. If your life allows 7 to 8 hours of consecutive or broken sleep, great but if this season doesn’t allow for that, that’s okay too. Just try to sleep when you can. You’re body does some of its best work while you sleep! 

-Keep a gratitude journal. Write down 10 things, every day, that you are thankful for.

Changing your life begins with changing your mindset. Throughout the course of this challenge, I would really encourage you to focus on blooming where you’re planted. Be intentional with the way you begin your day and shift negative self talk, self defeating attitudes, and thoughts that can hinder your success into something that encourages it. 

This part is simple, take a couple minutes every morning or evening and jot down 10 things that you’re grateful for. It can be the dog you saw on your walk, the way your partner made the bed, or the running water in the tap. There are things to be grateful for all around us and by focusing on those things instead of all that we don’t have we are fostering health in the most valuable place we can, our minds and spirits. 

Save this and post to stories daily as you complete each day!

Before you start:

Take a photo on day 1 in lightweight non-baggy clothing. Women, this is best done in a sports bra and shorts, men a pair of gym shorts work great. Then take your starting weight and measurements so you can really see plainly at the end of this challenge the evolution of your body.

How often you weigh in is up to you. I like to weigh every day because I love monitoring my bodies trends. Some people prefer to weigh only once a week, others once a month, and others prefer not to weigh at all. Whatever you are most comfortable with, that is what I encourage you to do.

If you share before and after, or during, photos please tag me @instantloss so I can cheer you on! 

This is not a weight loss challenge. This is a commitment challenge. This is a challenge where we are going to focus on keeping the promises we make to ourselves, even after the motivation of it all has dried up and gone. 

This will require creativity some days. Other days it’ll require sheer power of will but you CAN do it! The first three months of any lifestyle change are the hardest and by completing this challenge you are going to set yourself up for success in so many areas of your life. Because what we’re really cultivating is the belief in ourselves that we can conquer hard things. 

125 pounds lost

Use and follow the hashtag #instantloss90daychallenge on social media so we can follow along with and encourage one another on this journey. 

This challenge is hard. This intensity is not meant to be maintained indefinitely but if you’re looking for something to get you up and going, join with us for the next 90 days, and see just how capable you are! 

My last word of advice is– START. It doesn’t matter if you have a birthday party to go to next weekend or a getaway planned in three weeks, you can begin again as many times as you need to but there will never be another today. Instead of looking back in 90 days and wishing you would have started 90 days ago, start now, and lets see how far being intentional about our personal health and wellness can take us! Get ready to discover just how incredible your body and mind was designed to feel!

Join the Instant Loss Community on Facebook or follow Instant Loss on Instagram for more!

Check in with your doctor before beginning any new diet or exercise program. 

Start Here Before/After instantloss.comFor a variety of other amazing recipes, pick up a copy of one of my cookbooks at your local bookseller! The Instant Loss Cookbook tells the story of how I lost 125 pounds in one year, just eating real food at home! Our second cookbook, Instant Loss Eat Real, Lose Weight hit stores December 2019 and is a National Best Seller! It focuses on how to ditch the diet mindset, heal unhealthy habits, and repair your relationship with food! To finish off the trilogy check out Instant Loss on a Budget for crowd-pleasing meals that are as as friendly for your wallet as they are for your waistline! Featuring 125 NEW recipes and meal plans to feed a family of 4 for under $90 a week Instant Loss on a Budget is proof that wholesome food doesn’t have to be expensive.


  1. I’m hoping to stick this out and learn to eat and snack healthier instead of skipping meals

  2. This looks like so much fun I need to get my butt moving somehow I’m the only one in my house who will eat this life style

    1. This looks like a challenge. I’d love to give it a try! Is there a private community challenge Instagram or Facebook page where we can communicate with one another?



  3. Just finished a round of 75hard May 1 and it’s very similar! I’ve been allowing myself WAY too many treats since then so this will be good to get me back in line!

  4. Thank you so much for creating this challenge! I think it’s exactly what I need right now to get my motivation back!

  5. I am ready to do this! I like the commitment. I’m 70 years old but want to lose 40 lbs and get my core strength back. I have had your books about 30 days and LOVE them! Count me in!

  6. I am so excited you are doing this! Last week I actually looked back over your March BOT stories and stocked up on some of the meals you ate to copy into my meal plan lol love keeping up with you 💕💕

  7. Yes I wanna join. Bought the books last year. Tried some recipes (takes some preparing and adding items to my pantry. Family enjoyed most recipes. I’m way to heavy and nothing is working.

  8. I’m in! Looking to jump start a new philosophy for this summer! Since I will finally done with this school year after this Friday, I’m all in. I have the summer to MAKE time not excuses!

  9. I have been following your journey for the past year and bought all 3 books. I have struggled with an eating disorder for years and now after my recent 56th birthday, years of losing 5-30-100+ pounds, I realized that the only time I felt great was the time I turned away from weight loss and turned towards a similar commitment in this newest challenge. I know for me that I have to add 2 more self care items for now based on today’s me, but that is routine and my personal medical needs that my doctor tells me that this community and commitment may change if I make a decision to commit and stay in the community. Thank you, Brittany for your courage to help me and others through your journey. The courage to be on social media is just mind blowing. Thank you. And I commit to this 90 days today.

    Terri J.,NC

  10. Your statement “there will never be another today” hit me. What a true true statement. We always find ways to sabotage ourselves by thinking about that birthday party, graduations etc so we use them as excuses not to start. I will be doing the challenge but adjusting it to my lifestyle as I’m a “retired” person having back issues but getting epidurals to help so I will adjust the exercise time. We started eating JERF on 1/10 and I have lost 20.5 lbs which I’m happy with even though that seems slow I don’t feel like I’m on a “diet”. Lately we have been eating out more and I’m craving REAL food so this will help get back on track. Thank you for being so down to earth and real. Someone we can relate to no matter what our age is!

  11. Ok I in! I’ve been up and down for 3 months and have lost a few pounds. Now it time to get serious!

  12. Been following for a while and I was already basically jerf (due to my daughter who is autistic) before I found your cookbooks. I’m also on thyroid meds (18 yrs) and I am intermittent fasting (16-18 hrs a day). I have been at the 180 mark for a while. I know exercise is probably where I’m missing the mark. So I’m going to take the dreaded pic and start tomorrow. Let’s do this!

  13. I am so excited to join this challenge! The last year has been really hard on my family and especially myself (i work in Healthcare)…I can’t wait to reset and bring the focus back to feeling good!!

  14. I’m a nurse so i don’t even get off shift until after 730pm. What time do you normally start eating? Just so i can adjust to fast the appropriate amount of hours. 🙂 can’t wait to start this challenge!

  15. I’m excited for this! I just saw it today and I started exercising daily and tracking my food this past week. I’m already down 3lbs.

  16. I’ve been sick since last week Thursday. Stomach is still on the shaky side of eating what a better way to start.

  17. I am really looking forward to this challenge. I need the push to get me going in the right direction. Let’s do this friends!

  18. As soon as I saw your post for the 90 day challenge I knew it was exactly what I needed. I’ve started it and it feels so good to be working towards a healthier me.

  19. Am I the only person on the planet who does not understand how so many people can not eat after 7pm EVERY night?! Some days I don’t even walk through my door after work until 7:00, which also throws a wrench into fitting in 90 minutes of exercise AND 8 hours of sleep! I run a business and take care of a farm and my 85 year old aunt. I’m open to suggestions as to how to add more hours to my day! LOL And no, walking at work is not an option. We are NOT in a safe area for a mid day walk!

    1. Instead of focusing on not eating after 7pm, I have been doing “not eating after my evening meal.” Supper could be at 7 or after, but the key thing is I eat it and do not snack in the evenings afterward. This might work for you.

      Also, I’m not sure what your work taking care of a farm involves, but it’s possible your activity there could count toward exercise.

      I didn’t add in exercise (walking) until I was into the second 30 days, but some of the gardening work I did counted as pretty strenuous (particularly pruning large bushes with thick branches, but even digging and planting.) The things to prioritize are your water intake, nutritious food, and getting more sleep.

  20. I am late to the game, but I am going to start tomorrow. Progress not perfection, right?

  21. Is it too late to join? I’ve gotten off track this summer and need to get back in the groove! Please let me know how/if I can join!

  22. Ordering books today. Is there a specific meal plan to do for the 90 day challenge or just any of your recipes work? Thanks

  23. Am highly motivated by you and the comments..am willing to start today…am at 81.2kg however need tatleast 70kg
    Am so excited and I extremely need to do it

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