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Thighplasty and Posterior Back Lift 4 Month Update

Four months ago I had a thighplasty and posterior back lift to get rid of the remaining extra skin I had on my body after losing 125 pounds. 

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I’ve had a lot of surgeries throughout my life. When I made the decision to have a abdominoplasty after losing 125 pounds 3 years ago, I was terrified.

I read horror stories on the Internet. Made sure I was well versed with the risks. I contemplated cancelling the night before but then surgery time came around and it was a breeze! Easier than any of my cesareans (which were also breezey). Honestly, for me it just wasn’t a big deal. I didn’t go through any of the stages they tell you you’ll go through. There was no regret, horror, or doubt. I was 100% confident that I made the right choice and I was happy from the moment I woke up from surgery. 

I didn’t experience a post surgery slump, no depression, honestly I just hopped right back into normal life, leaving most to wonder if I even had surgery at all. 

Thighplasty 4 Month Update instantloss.com
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The surgery was easy. Recovery was easy. 

Headed into this surgery I assumed it would be relatively similar and I guess in some ways it has been… but I’ll be honest. I’ve been on the struggle bus. 

I had a complication with swelling after surgery. Not the typical swelling that comes off and on for a year, I’m well versed with that, this has been different. You always run the risk that you’ll upset the lymphatic system during surgeries like this and that’s exactly what happened with my right leg after my thighplasty. 

Thighplasty 4 Month Update instantloss.com
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The good news is, it’s slowly getting better all the time. The bad news is it’s still lingering around 4 months post op. I’m getting lymphatic massages, jumping on trampolines, running, eating low inflammatory and low sodium— I really am an ideal patient. Lol It’s just something that time is going to have to heal.

In addition, I have also dealt with a lot of hypertrophic scarring. I am very familiar with this as this is exactly what my tummy scar did. Hypertrophic scarring is more common in more pigmented skin and can be hereditary. I have been visiting my doctors office monthly. 5 weeks ago they injected my scars with steroids. This helps kill the scar over growth response. This week because my scars were so purple they lasered them to help chill out the blood vessels in the scar tissue. 

Needless to say, I’ve gone through some ups and downs. Did I make the right choice? What happens if I have to deal with this forever? My thighs are still bigger than they were before surgery. Pants that used to be loose on my thighs are now snug. I know this game. It’s a waiting game. Now it’s time to be patient, let my body heal, and know that I’m not going to see true final results until I’m a year out. But man, waiting is hard. I expected at 4 months post op I’d be 100% back to myself and mostly I am. I think the swelling has just been difficult to handle mentally more than anything. 

4 Month Update Posterior Back Lift instantloss.com
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I get it now guys! Lol It’s not always easy! I’m grateful for this experience because I know it’s important for others to see the risks and that not everything always goes completely ideal. Realistically, I’m probably looking at needing a little revision (revisions are very commonly needed for the best possible outcome with these surgeries), on my scar and my upper thighs. I’m going to do my darnedest to compliment these results with more running and exercise in order to maybe avoid this. But I knew going into this that this was a big possibility. 

I’m just tired of having surgery, or tired of recovering from surgery to be more accurate. 

In other news, my posterior is healing awesomely!! I am so beyond happy with my bum and running is SO much easier without all of that extra back skin! 

Posterior Lift instantloss.com
Posterior Results

Now to get my right leg to fall in line!

If you are considering these surgeries know that it’ll be a long road to recovery but a worthwhile one. I would highly recommend watching my Instagram Highlights for the day to day recovery process. 

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Dr. Grant Stevens and Dr. Dan Gould were my surgeons for these procedures. 

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  1. You look incredible, and I absolutely LOVE your positivity through all of this! If I can, may I ask why you decided to do two separate surgeries for the tummy and back rather than a belt lipectomy from the get go? I’m currently scheduling a few consultations for surgeries after losing 100+ pounds, and I’m not sure which direction I want to go. Thank you for being so transparent through everything! <3

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