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New Year, Same You

In years past I really bought into reinventing myself during the New Year. ⁣

⁣I’d pledge lofty resolutions full of the best intentions but lacking the roots of a plan with staying power. ⁣Most of us are plagued with an all or nothing mentality, “I am going to eat allllll the sugar or I absolutely can not have any sugar of any kind at all ever.”⁣

New Year, Same You instantloss.com


⁣Looking back on years past, has cutting out all carbs, sugars, processed foods, etc. ever worked for you before? Did you find it too difficult to keep up with? Grand in theory but not really practical with the way you live your life?⁣

⁣I was desperate to lose weight, desperate to feel good, and yes, desperate to be thin for so many years. ⁣But this desperation led me in search of quick fixes that weren’t really compatible with my everyday life. I needed to find a plan that worked for me, exactly where I was at.

Something that didn’t require me to cook differently for others then I did for myself. Something that didn’t require tons of brain power. And for goodness sakes, something that didn’t feel like a diet!⁣

So I started to keep health and wellness simple, boil it down what our bodies need.⁣Before/After instantloss.com

Keep it basic.⁣

This year, STAY YOU!⁣

Ditch the diets and simplify your life. ⁣

Just Eat Real Food. ⁣

More whole stuff that comes from real plants, less that comes from chemical plants.⁣

⁣Focus on drinking water. ⁣

Focus on getting a little more movement. I’m not talking about signing up for the gym, I’m talking about taking a walk after dinner. Pulling the kids in the wagon. Sweeping the floors instead of running the Roomba.⁣

Focus on eating correct portion sizes instead of stressing about the macros, points or calorie counts.⁣

Focus on eating food you love in healthier ways instead of giving it all up for the sake of losing weight in an instant.⁣

Before/After 2020 instantloss.com
This is not instantaneous and if it was, without crafting healthy habits, how do you expect to keep the weight off for any amount of time? ⁣

I can’t tell you how many times I lost 50 or 60 pounds just to regain it all the second I stopped doing what I was doing.⁣

Because here’s the kicker, the hardest part isn’t the weight loss, it’s maintaining the habit. And if you invest all of your energy into building a habit you have no interest in sustaining long term, what’s the point?⁣

Let this be a year of radical self love. ⁣

Of making choices for our bodies born out of that love, not hate.⁣

It’s a New Year, but you’re still you. Maybe it’s time to focus on loving whoever you are, exactly where you’re at.⁣


Maybe that means eating healthier, maybe it means ditching negative self talk, maybe it means honoring your body through movement.

Whatever it means to you, embrace it. ⁣

It’s 2020 tomorrow, the year of clarity. ⁣

Clarity of intention will serve as the compass that will help you navigate your growth this year. ⁣

Clarify your purpose.⁣

To read more about my journey, pick up a copy of my National Best Selling cookbook, Instant Loss Eat Real, Lose Weight


  1. I’ve just ordered your two books. I am looking forward to getting them. I have lost weight and hit a “goal” weight three times only to gain all the weight back. I am so hopeful that this is the sustainable lifestyle I have been searching for.

  2. I identify with you so much. When I thumbed through your book at Costco, I had hope. I was excited to see normal food recipes cooked in an instant pot. I have all of the kitchen gadgets you have. I was very happy to put them to work. I had just bought the instant pot and unsure of how it worked. The recipes are very good and I’m excited to get familiar with my instant pot. I loved your book so much that I bought the first book also. My daughter is now following you.

    1. Wishing you all the best Karen! I can’t wait to hear what you think of your Instant Pot and the Instant Loss recipes! 🙂

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