Weight Loss Weigh In {June}

Happy Fourth of July Weekend y’all! This is my monthly weight loss weigh in update for the month of June!

At the beginning of June I was 153lbs, I weighed in at 147lbs on July 1st!

January 2017- 19lbs lost
February 2017- 7lbs lost
March 2017- 14lbs lost
April 2017- 12lbs lost
May 2017- 7lbs lost
June 2017- 6lbs lost

When I started losing weight in January my goal was to get down to 155lbs by July 10th. I am beyond proud of myself. Now that I am at a healthy weight I have decided to enter maintenance. Meaning, I am not actively trying to lose any more weight. I am going to be working hard to keep and maintain the healthy habits I’ve formed over the last 6 months and see where my body settles naturally.

Entering maintenance is not an excuse to go back to my old habits, those days are gone for good. I had my first piece of pizza the other day, not homemade/grain free, and I paid for it with a horrible tummy ache. I just don’t see the need to make myself feel poorly when I can eat something that tastes better and doesn’t harm me. (For my grain free pizza crust recipe click here.)

June was a successful month, the smallest amount of weight I’ve lost so far, but I feel like I took the biggest strides mentally. I’m focusing on all the beauty I see within myself, the more I focus on those things the less all the other imperfections see to matter. (Click here to read about the unflattering side of weight loss.)

I am down 113lbs from my highest weight (260lbs)! I feel like a whole new person.

To read more about what my diet is like click here. 

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