The Unflattering Side of Weight Loss

I get asked about loose skin a lot. Yes, I have it, though it’s not as bad as it could be. (I attribute that in part to collagen peptides.)

I lost over a hundred pounds, loose skin was going to happen, I was prepared. I don’t advertise that I have it, who takes unflattering photos and posts them all over social media? 🙂 But I’m not ashamed. 

(left) What I show you. (right) Reality.

My body tells my story. I’m a mama who carried 6 babies.  I was unhealthy and now I am healthy. My body is strong, it is a temple, I am richly and abundantly blessed to wear the skin that I have. 

Reflection was an important part of my journey.

Who am I doing this for? Who am I trying to please?

If at any point the answer to those questions was anyone besides myself I knew that it was time to stop.

Last month I got down into a healthy weight range for my height, age, and circumstances. This month I beat myself up a lot because I hit a plateau.

Just 20 more pounds, my head would say.

But why? 

My body is healthy. I feel wonderful. Why this compulsive need to lose more?

Who am I doing it for? Who am I trying to please?

At some point within the last month I lost sight of what my goal was a little bit. My goal wasn’t a number on the scale, my goal was a healthier way of life, I’ve achieved that and that’s what I intend to maintain when I talk about entering the maintenance phase of my weight loss journey. 

What does the maintenance phase look like? It looks exactly like what I’ve been doing for the last six months with maybe one more dessert a week or an extra portion at dinner. 

Maintenance for me is less about maintaining the number on the scale and more about maintaining the healthy habits that I’ve formed. 

My thighs still jiggle and touch. My mama pooch is alive and well. My arms sag and my boobs have become torpedoes. And you know what? I am totally okay with all of those things, really truly! 

My body has been through a lot and my appearance is a reflection of that.

It doesn’t upset me, it makes me proud!




  1. I’m on my way to losing 100 pounds and appreciate your transparency. I started with truncal obesity, and have had several abdominal surgeries that makes that area hard to reduce. I’m losing weight slowly to help with the saggy-baggy loose skin problem, but it’s not helping with my belly apron. (I have thighs like yours too, but those don’t affect my clothing size or discomfort like the belly apron does.) You mentioned using collagen peptides to help with the loose skin/tissue. Can you explain how it helps? Or post a link? My main goals: wellness, fitness, good nutrition for health, endurance, strength, energy, reduced medications (I’ve already gone off insulin and reduced my blood pressure meds). Thanks for your help!

    1. Collagen helps with elasticity of the skin! But I personally have not seen a change in my belly skin😞

  2. Thank you for sharing! It’s so hard to stay focused on what is important with things of this world constantly distracting us. One day I need to get new contouring makeup, the next day I just have to do a cleanse, then the following day I need microblading. Everything screams at me to buy this or that! Everyone tries to make me feel so unhappy with what I’ve got and who I am just so they can sell me something. It’s rough!

  3. Thank you for your candor and transparency. Talk about lifting up your skirt and showing the world what this struggle is really like. My husband and I are planning on starting “instantloss” in two weeks. Hey maybe I’ll send you a picture of our success! Thanks for inspiring us!

    Denise & Bob

  4. Your head is in the right are an inspiration and you should be proud of your accomplishments and your body.

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