Prime Day Deals 2019!

Amazon Prime Day is a much anticipated day where products on Amazon are steeply discounted! Brady and I try to get ahead on our Christmas shopping every year during this time! It’s like Black Friday in July! 

Amazon Prime Day instantloss.com

Here are some of my favorite Amazon Prime Day Deals this year. These are all products I own and use in my household already so you won’t need to fret about quality. I’ll continue to add more deals as I find them so check back throughout the day! 

  1. The Instant Loss Cookbook 

    My book, the Instant Loss Cookbook is on sale for Prime Day! This is a great time to snag a copy if you haven’t already! Inside you’ll find 125 recipes for your Instant Pot Pressure Cooker and more along with a detailed forward about how I lost 125 pounds in a year!   
  2. The Instant Pot 9in1 Plus!

    The 9in1 Instant Pot Pressure Cooker is a favorite over here! It’s an incredibly well made pot and has a few extra presets that come in very handy!
  3. The PowerXl AirFryer

    In Instant Loss Eat Real, Lose Weight, I introduce the Air Fryer! This is the fryer I used to develop all of the recipes and the one that I use personally at home. Essentially an Air Fryer is like a counter top oven that circulates the air better to make sure your food gets super crispy without all the oil content. In addition, you can also bake in it! 

  4. Garmin Forrunner Watch

    Last year I took up running and this is the watch I’ve used since the beginning! It is 50% off for PrimeDay and does an excellent job at tracking your progress. It times intervals, keeps track of your mileage, steps, and other activities! Make sure to click the link to see the deal!
  5. Bugs in the Kitchen! 

    This is one of our favorite family games! I highly recommend this for children of all ages. We bought it for our kiddos for Christmas two years ago and its one of the games they play most frequently. 
  6. The Echo Dot

    Love, love, love the Echo Dot! I have one in my kitchen and it’s like having an assistant with me, “Alexa, set the timer for 15 minutes.” “Alexa, play soothing music.” “Alexa, what’s the weather like outside?” “Alexa, whats a substitute for arrowroot powder?” I love mine so much I just bought three more for the other rooms in the house! 
  7. 23&Me DNA Test
    This is a saliva DNA test that will give you so much information about your health and wellness! Not only are the results completely fascinating but they’re helpful when embarking on a lifestyle change that enables you to optimize your health. This is the test that I took when I found out I had the MTHFR gene mutation! 

Make sure to check in throughout the next two days as I find more Amazon Prime Day Deals and add to this list! 

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