Let’s Talk MTHFR!

There was a point at the beginning of my weight loss journey where my losses trickled down to nothing. I was completely flummoxed. My diet was perfect, I still had 80 pounds to lose, and the scale wasn’t budging. It was aggravating and it wasn’t an accurate reflection of how hard I was working.

I spoke with my doctor, friends, and family; everyone was in agreement, I hit a plateau. If I just kept up the hard work I’d eventually start losing again. But it didn’t make sense to me! I was living on green juice and salad. Weight loss is a mathematical equation, you take in less energy than you put out and you lose weight. How was it possible that I was taking in less energy than I was using and yet my body stayed the same? Could it be there was a piece of the equation I was missing?

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What Is MTHFR?

MTHFR, though it sounds like a curse, is an abbreviation for Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase, a gene responsible for production of the MTHFR enzyme. This enzyme is important for processing amino acids and forms of the vitamin folate. People with the MTHFR mutation are unable to produce this enzyme properly. It’s estimated that 1 in every 3 individuals has the MTHFR genetic mutation.

But what does having incorrectly produced enzymes mean? When the MTHFR enzymes are functioning properly they are very efficient at processing folate/B9 and covering it into methylfolate. When they enzyme is mutated it decreases the bodies ability to convert by 30-70%!



What Is Folic Acid? 

Folic acid is the oxidized form of Folate/B9. Once oxidized, Folate becomes a different substance and the body is unable to process or metabolize it, as it would folate. The body has no need for folic acid. The body does, however, need Folate (which you obtain by eating a plant rich diet). In 1998, the FDA mandated the process of folic acid fortification for a wide variety of foods within the American market. The majority of the pre-packaged foods found in the grocery store have been through this process and fortified with folic acid. 

This is bad news for people with the MTHFR mutation. People with this mutation are unable to rid their bodies of folic acid. It builds up, blocking folate receptors and wrecking havoc. This build up is known as folic acid toxicity.

Most lab tests do not distinguish between folic acid and folate when measuring blood levels. If folic acid intake is high, the results may show an individual has adequate amounts of folate. This is misleading as the individual actually has high levels of unusable folic acid, with little to no folate. This situation can cause the body to believe it is malnourished and result in unnecessary storing of energy (weight gain).

Folic Acid Toxicity

I have seen the devastating effects of folic acid toxicity and the dangers of taking the wrong multi/prenatal vitamin first hand. I’ve struggled with auto immune disease and obesity since I was a teenager.


mother instantloss.com

When I hit my 20’s, my husband and I began having children. Unfortunately, we struggled with multiple losses. Only 3 of our 6 children are still here with us today.

We experienced B12 deficiency, midline birth defects, IUGR, and our second son was stillborn at 39 weeks.

Elias instantloss.com

My doctors performed all kinds of genetic testing. I was told that everything was perfectly fine, that everything came back normal, and that it was all just unfortunate happenstance. In actuality, they didn’t have any idea what was happening. 

The Path Forward

I found a homeopathic/functional medicine practice. Their focus is on Whole Health Nutritional Therapy. When they heard my story, the very first thing they suggested was testing for the MTHFR mutation. Below are my results.

MTHFR MUTATION instantloss.com

It didn’t come as a surprise to discover that I have two copies of the A1298C mutation. This means I inherited one from each of my parents. Because of this, I have 30-40% reduced enzyme functionality, trouble methylating B vitamins, and a complete intolerance for anything containing folic acid. Folic acid is essentially poison to my body. 

For all the mamas out there, you know that folic acid is one of the many reasons your Doctor instructs you to take a prenatal vitamin during pregnancy. If the mothers body doesn’t have enough folate, it can be detrimental for mom and baby. Low amounts of folate can cause midline birth defects.

As explained above, the body doesn’t need folic acid, it needs folate. Taking a prenatal vitamin with folic acid throughout my pregnancy was poisoning my body, creating an unhospital, uninhabitable environment for my babies.

Startlingly, this is not just the case for me but for an estimated 60% of the population! If you’ve struggled with infertility, birth defects, miscarriage, or infant loss, you need to be tested for this mutation and begin supplementing accordingly. 

MTHFR instantloss.com

How Do I Get Tested?

I used an online service called 23&Me. My physician recommends this form of testing for those who do not have the proper insurance coverage. Your insurance may cover an in office blood draw, that is certainly the best route!

 Click here for testing.

The Good News!

The good news is that this mutation is very manageable with a diet rich in folate (while avoiding folic acid) and the proper methylated vitamins!

Within two weeks of being on the proper supplements (I take this multi vitamin), I broke through my weight loss plateau and lost an astonishing 10 lbs in one week! The next week I lost 8 lbs!

My auto immune disease went into remission, I am off meds completely! It’s like someone handed me the key. 

I understand this is a super heavy topic. I plan to unpack this topic through a series called “Let’s Talk MTHFR!” For more information on this subject Dr. Ben Lynch’s site is a wonderful resource and a great place to start, click here.


The Sum of All These Parts

Losing weight is hard enough without some hidden obstacle in your way! There’s a part of my heart that mourns the fact that I didn’t find out about this mutation as a child. I could have avoided so much heartbreak…

But then I wouldn’t be here with you, sharing my experiences, and hoping that through my story you might find the key to your unanswered questions as well. 

As always, I wish you continued health on your wellness journey, 


For more information about what my diet is like, click here and for MTHFR friendly recipes, click here!

My kiddos also have the MTHFR Gene Mutation, they take this multi vitamin, click here! 




  1. Hi: Thank you for all of your information. Also, So happy for you that you have figured out your issues. I am seeing a Rheumotolgist. If I want them to test me for this what do I ask for? “Can you please test me for the MTHFR Mutation? I don’t want to ask for something she doesn’t know or understand. Thank you!!!

        1. Dr Hyman still shows this as available on his website or you can go to Pure Encapsulations website for available healthcare providers that stock it until it is available on Amazon again. It is a great vitamin.

  2. I would bet that I have this gene mutation and many of my other family members as well. I struggled with taking folic acid in all my pregnancies … on resulting in miscarriage. I am going to ask my DR to test but in the meantime, I am going to avoid food with folic acid. There are autoimmune thyroid issues on both siides of my family tree. I myself have Graves’ disease (remission), one sister with Graves’ and one with Hasimotos. My mother has Hashimotos, a neice with Hashimotos (she too miscarried), etc !!!! I could go on with other autoimmune issues too but I will stop here.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for this valuable information.

  3. Wow! What a story, and well told. It is heartbreaking and yet has a happy ending. I am SO thankful you are feeling/doing better and getting this Important information out!

  4. When I click on the multivitamin you said you take, it takes me to the testing page. Would you be willing to give the name of the multivitamin? Thanks!

  5. I cannot tell you how reassuring this is to me. I have this mutation and no one has been able to understand it! All my design are confused by this and telling me it is my cortisol level and there is no real way to test for that. I have always been certain it’s been this mutation. Thank you! I’m not crazy! I’m gonna look into this site.

  6. A friend just sent me the link to your blog. I have been doing the Wheat Belly eating plan (very similar to what you do except that I do not eat any grains at all…I have also significantly limited dairy) since January 2017 and dropped 10 lbs by April. I began intermittent fasting in August 2017, and the scales finally started moving again. I have Hashimoto’s, sarcoidosis and the MTHFR gene mutation that you have (even the same double copy as you).

    My doctor originally prescribed Deplin for me (L-Methylfolate, medical food), but I stopped taking it. Is this something I should resume? Have you ever taken it? How does it compare the supplements you are taking. Thanks in advance for the advice.

    1. Hi Allison, If you have the mutation it’s important that you continue to take a methyl B. L-methlyfolate and metafolin are in the multivitamin that I take. 🙂

      1. Deplin was the prescription l methyfolafe rhay they gave me for depression because it crosses blood brain barrier while folic acid cannot. I think it’s more that many depressed patients can’t process folic acid but I’m no docotr. So who knows.

  7. Wow!!
    Thank you for sharing your story. I have 2 copies of the C677T gene mutation and also have adrenal fatigue and suffered with “fibromyalgia” for 15.5 years. Last year I quit gluten, dairy and peanuts. These 3 were the cause of my “fibromyalgia”. After doing research, I found it is common to be gluten and dairy intolerant with this gene mutation. My body was telling me through the pain. I’m a nurse practitioner and am currently recovering from the adrenal fatigue which was caused by the lack of folate and B Vitamins which are necessary in many vital body functions. Its s slow timely recovery in my case. I’m very very thankful your sharing your story through a blog so others can hear, learn, and seek a Wellness Or Functional Medicine doctor or nurse practitioner because they specialize in this area. May God Bless You as you help others.
    Cathy 😀

  8. Wow, happened upon this. I have the mutation and my doctor prescribed the L-Methylfolate for me as well. My Dr was pill happy and so I didn’t take the pill. I think I need to talk to a doctor about it. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Wow, I’m glad I stumbled across this post, very reassuring that I’m not going crazy! I have homozygous C677T and have problems with methyl sups where I hallucinate & feel exhausted! I changed to b complex without the methyl folate & mb12 to Hydroxyc b12 & foilinic acid and dropped HEAPS weight very fast (too fast) and had heaps of energy. I didn’t put the two together and thought the weight loss was due to stress (which everyone kept saying – though my stress levels were OK) … After running out of the sups I tried others, and one year later I am struggling with weight gain again! I will go back on the same I was on last year to see if this helps. Thanks again for sharing 🙂

    1. Hey there! I am 20 years old and I found out this March I have the MTHFR mutation, though I think mine is heterozygous, but I had a couple questions: Are there other supplements you take or do you just take the Pure O.N.E. multivitamins?
      Also, I eat pretty much the same way you do most of the time (except when Thanksgiving rolls around). But I have eaten this way for years and I can’t drop the weight I want to lose. I take a multivitamin that has methylcobalamin and 5-MTHF but I still haven’t lost any weight since I started taking them. would love some help!

    2. Which vitamins did you use that helped break through with the weight loss? I take so many different ones and don’t know which are working or not. Test always say normal.

    3. Ida, would you please share which vitamin supplement that you were taking that assisted you? Thanks in advance. Would like to research all my options before making a choice.

    4. I was reading your story. What vitamins were you taking for the MTHFR gene that helped you finally to lose weight?

  10. Great post!! I have already done 23&me test. Where in the test results can I find my MTHFR test results? I can’t find it.

    Also, what resource do you suggest to find a good whole health homeopathic therapist?

  11. How did you pull the MTHFR data out of your 23&me reports? They don’t report on it, but I know you can get the information. I already know I have it and thankfully my OB’s flagged me during my indoc interview and tested me for it due to my mother & younger brothers strokes. I’m sure it save my babies life. Ive had my parents and children do 23&me and want to figure out their MTHFR results.

  12. HI! I have RA. I am on methotraxate. My doctor has me taking folic acid supplement everyday. Should I ask them about the testing?

    1. Yes, my daughter has this mutation and RA. They had her on folic acid too and it was contributing to her sickness. I would seek out a functional medicine doctor for testing, Rhuems won’t test for MTHFR.

  13. Hi Britney i am compound hetero I haven’t been able to handle methyl b12 and the methyl foliate, I’ve tried pure encapulations homocystene factors, the b complex by pure encapluations, and I am trying seeking health optimal multivitamin right now folinac acid and the other type of b12 that’s not methyal, the multi you take i am not sure I can take it. How did you figure out the right supplement or maybe you are ok like I either under methyalate or over methyalate

  14. How did you pull your MTHFR information out of the 23 & me data? None of the reports give you that information. I know it is there, but I would need 3rd party program to decipher it. I already know I have 2 copies of the A1298C. My OB tested me for MTHFR due to my family history of strokes. I am very grateful they were knowledgeable of it so I did not suffer the same pregnancy losses.

    1. Try to find an integrative/functional medicine doctor to help you decifer results. If you cant there are on line programs you can upload your 23 & me results to — search genetic gene…I think dr Amy Yasko and maybe Ben Lynch also offer consults on line.

  15. Loved your article, I struggle with this mutation as well do you happen to have a support group I could join?

      1. Hi Brittany. MTHFR is not on the list of diseases tested for with 23 and me. Do you have to interprete it in another way?

        I’ve had autoimmune “stuff” for most of my life and having fatigue now.

  16. Did you ever take methylated folic acid when pregnant or did you just take the multi vitamin listed about. I actually have methylated folic acid from the same company that you listed for your multivitamin but don’t know if that is also bad for me. I have the same mutations as you. Thanks!

  17. Hi! Thank you for writing about this. I had a total of 6 early miscarriages and found out later through testing that I was homozygous for c677t which means 60-70% reduced ability. When I first found out I was motivated to avoid food products with folic acid, but eventually I got way off track and started eating whatever I craved. Reading your post has motivated me again that I need to take this seriously and make changes. I’m disappointed in myself because even with he knowledge I had I continued to eat bread, crackers, pasta…things that contained folic acid. But I guess there’s no point in thinking about what I didn’t do and I should think about what I can do starting today. I look forward to more posts from you regarding this topic. Thank you!

    1. Tina, I am so sorry to hear about your losses. My heart goes out to you. Like you said, it’s all about today. No point in beating yourself up over the past. It’s a constant struggle, some days it’s easy, and some days I fail too. <3 <3 Hugs to you.

  18. Our pediatrician advised again having our children tested for the mthfr gene mutation as of yet. I have the mutation and suffered multiple miscarriages. She did recommend making sure they did not have folic acid however. Did you use a 3rd party lab to check your kiddos?

  19. Thanks for sharing. I also had a stillborn at 39 weeks.
    I’m so sorry for your losses. Its always there with us. Hugs to you.

  20. I have two as well, my results were C677T and A1298T not on the same chromosome. I was given methofolate (deplin), how is this comparable to what you take?

    My Cousins have all had miscarriages and i have one cousin who has schizophrenia. So I know our family has it. I have struggled with weightlosss and depression and massive anxiety myself and still do.


  21. I have the same 2. mutation you have. What other suppliments do you take besides the multivitamin you mentioned?

  22. I am compound heterozygous for C677T and A1298C and all of my doctors are brushing it off. I’ve had migraines for years, fatigue, multiple miscarriages and cannot lose weight even with diet and exercise. I started taking the vitamin you suggested this week. I am reallllllllly hoping it’ll start making me feel better! Thank you for sharing your story.

    1. Stephanie, how is the multi working? I just started my daughter on it yesterday. She is compound heterozygous like you

      1. Thank you, just found out I am heterozygous too. Had already 3 miscarriages and struggle with fat loss. Will try the vitamins but was willing to ask: aren’t there in your recipes lots of greens which are rich in folic acid too? Should not those be avoided? How can I get more info about food? I am not in USA 🙂 Thank you so very much.

  23. How do you deal with the smell and taste of the PURE vitamins? I have a hard time taking pills in general. These are really gross smelling and tasting. 😬. Any tricks or does it bother you? 😀

  24. Hi beautiful!Your story is so similar to mine!Congratulations, you look amazing!I just got diagnosed while ago-what would your recommend?Where to start?Take the pure supplements and something else as well?Thank you!

  25. I have the same defect. I discovered it when my doctor did a genetic test on me. It is just one of those test that she has all of her new patients do. She had me start taking a multivitamin and I could feel the difference when I took it. Especially the first two days. I was sick because my body was detoxing too fast. But I still didn’t fill 100%. After taking the multivitamin for two years I recently discovered that if you take zinc and vitamin C it helps to detox your body. I am glad that I discovered that information because it makes my wallet happy and I feel great. The multivitamin that my doctor gave me is $3,000 out of pocket. Which I can not afford because I have been between jobs for a year now. I can tell when my body has too much toxcins in, but with the vitamins and lots of water, or green/black tea I can manage the toxin build up.

  26. I just found out I have the C677T. But I’m in methotrexate and take 1mg of folic acid. What is your opinion. Love your IP recipes. Can’t wait to try them.

    1. I would talk to your doctor about switching you to a methylfolate supplement instead. My daughter was on methotrexate and when we found out she had the mutation her doctor was really kind about getting her on a different supplement and discontinuing folic acid.

  27. Did you have a lot of loose skin after the weight loss? I’m worried I might need skin removal surgery if it works that good on me

  28. I’m thanking the gods of SEO that I came across this post! I tested positive for the same mutation that you did about 2 years ago but was struggling to find helpful info about combating the side affects while losing weight, so I gave up and ignored it. I’ve been on and off almost every trendy diet since then – keto, paleo, whole 30, completely plant based – without any real results. while cutting out sugar and intermittent fasting has been the *only* thing that’s (barely) moved the needle for me at all ie weight lost and energy, I started to feel driven by frustration back into the arms of binging garbage food -_- reading this post is definitely inspiring me but truthfully it’s all a bit overwhelming. Plenty of sites suggest taking methylfolate, but I feel like just as many warn against it. Do you have any opinion on that? Thanks again for sharing!

    1. Christina, I’ve been taking the multivitamin above for the past two years. It’s been life changing for me. If I run out or don’t take it for a week or so I notice a huge difference. I get puffy in my face and body, I tire more easily, and I’m more irritable. My physician highly recommended it. It has metafolin. It might not be for everyone but it’s helped me tremendously. I also take a milk thistle supplement.

      1. Brittany, thank you for your testimonial! I can’t wait until you begin your MTHFR series, there is SO little digestible information out there about the mutation and its relation to weight. I feel like I need to have a degree in biology to understand most of it. Your post made it so much clearer for me – I at least feel like I have a good place to start!

  29. Hi! What prenatal did you use while you were pregnant? Did u take different prenatals with different children and if so, have you noticed any developmental differences between them?

  30. Hi! My cousin happened to read your blog and sent me to it after what we’ve been dealing with with my 7 year old daughter. Was wondering if you noticed any symptoms of MTHFR in your children before they were diagnosed? My daughter has had drastic behavioural/emotional changes since March, severe mood swings and worry. In July, she was admitted to the hospital for two weeks for severe vomiting, stomach pain and headaches. They couldn’t figure it out, even after a ton of blood work. Only thing was that folate levels were high. Went to our naturopath after and she noticed these high levels as well and sent her for some more tests but thought that maybe it might be this gene mutation. We are waiting to go back, but am just curious if you noticed anything similar in your children? We are desperately trying to figure out what has caused this change in her, and it’s odd that she’s had these two things (mood/behavioural changes and the hospitalization for vomiting/headaches) in a matter of four months. We really think they have to be connected. I know finding MTHFR in children isn’t as common, so I’m not sure if they present differently with the symptoms or not.

    1. We’ve had the same problems with our son — starting at 6 years old. He also has a mthfr defect. He’s been diagnosed on the Austism spectrum, has severe anxiety, severe emotional dysregulaton, severe GI issues, frequent vomiting, etc. We’ve tried methylfolate supplements (deplin and OTC) and Methyl b12 without much of a positive result. I’ve tried strict diets but at 11 I don’t have buy in from him and he won’t stay away from all the fortified junk that is full of folic acid.

  31. So glad you made this post. When I became pregnant my sister told me she had genetic testing done after she had several miscarriages and told me I should get checked as well even though we have different fathers. I agreed because one was a clotting disorder and the other was MtHfR. I haven’t came across anything so far as to a diet plan. Only to eat green foods and eliminate processed foods. I would love to know what I can make to eat to help detox my body. I would like to have a diet plan to lose weight as well. What do you eat while you were trying to lose weight and what changed after you were diagnosed with the genetic mutation.
    Thank you so much.

  32. I am homozygous A1298C. I don’t have a whole lot of problems, yet BUT I’m so glad my doctor was willing to test me for this and find out early enough that I can help myself before I have problems. I have had one miscarriage, weight ussues and some depression. Finding out that I have 2 copies was eye opening because now everything that my mom and grandmother have wrong makes so much sense! I am going to order these vitamins and if I tolerate them well, I will have my mom, sister and neice start taking them as well. I do not tolerate B vitamins well. Does the vitamin that you linked to bother you in any way? Also have you ever heard of the bell curve with vitamins? It was talked about in the book Dirty Genes. It says that when you start supplements to take them only until you feel better and then back off of them, and figure out how often you need them whether its once a week, every 3 days, every other day …. Was wondering if you take this one everyday??

  33. People who have not heard of this mutation look at me strange as if I have made it up. I did not find out that I had this gene mutation until my 6th pregnancy and now 4th living child. I had gone through so many pregnancy issues from miscarriages to thyriod issues and very high risk pregnancies due to hypertension that would pop up out of nowhere while pregnant. I was determined to have a natural birth for once and went to a midwife who has changed my world for the better. After telling her my history of not only my pregnancies but my overall health she decided I needed to be tested. Turns out I have one of each copy of this mutation. She helped me find the right dosages of vitamins and helped me to create a diet High in protein and folate rich foods. I got the joy of having my all natural birth with zero complications the whole pregnancy. My thyriod levels have gotten better, my body feels better and I don’t constantly feel sick. My hair isn’t falling out in clumps, I’m not constantly fatigued for no reason, my body doesn’t ache and I can think more clearly I haven’t tested my children yet, but they all have physical signs of having the mutation so I am working on helping them with their diet. I hope that it becomes more of a common knowledge for doctors and of course everyone else so that more people can start healing their bodies and no longer feel miserable.
    I am so glad that you were able to find this out for you and your family so you can live a healthier life!

  34. I am so thankful to have found your site- I have had years of inflammation, terrible time losing weight and when I was younger I did suffer from miscarriages and infertility…. so now I’m wondering! I have decided to get tested for the MTHFR mutation, for myself and perhaps to encourage my adult children to get tested as well. and I called 23 and me and they say they don’t test for this. I was disappointed as we do not have insurance either. Do you know of another online service? Or what would you recommend? Do you know the cost approximately if I were to use a lab? Will my doctor even order this?
    Thanks for any insight you can give! Blessings!

  35. Hi Brittany,

    Thanks so much for sharing this information. I was diagnosed about 1 year ago with homozygous C677T (two copies, one from each parent). I am so happy you have shared additional information on your website and hope you continue to update us with things that you have found helpful to combat this gene mutation. I have had multiple miscarriages earlier in life, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, liver issues, diabetes, etc. The list goes on and on and I really think this is the culprit that started this ball rolling. I was very thin (size 4-6) and healthy until my marriage, at which time I started on birth control, for a very short time. I have since read that birth control can be the trigger to turn this gene on. Weight gain soon followed, along with the health issues, and miscarriages. Any thoughts on this? I’m going to order the supplement you suggest. I have tried methyl-b and various other supplements, but none have seemed to restore my energy level. I always feel like I am wading through quicksand to accomplish anything, but maybe it’s toxins! Thank you so much for including this in your book. I happened to order your book, because it was featured in a magazine and when I began reading your story it resonated with me. I’m so happy you found this earlier in life than I did. Thank you for being a beacon of hope that this CAN be turned around. Hope its not too late for me and many others who suffer from this!!!!

  36. Hi Brittany, thank you for sharing this view on folic acid and the mutation. I have the same Gene mutation and I have been watching my gluten intake but it had never occurred to me what folic acid did to my cells. This is sad but a relief to finally understand. How late ng before folic acid leaves the body? There is very poor information online and most sources use the terms folic acid and folate interchangeably. Also what breakfasts cereals have you found that are not fortified or enriched?


  37. Wow Brittany I just found your site and I’m very inspired. Your story is heartbreaking and I’m so sorry u lost so much before getting an answer.
    I don’t believe I have this issue because I took folic acid for years and my pregnancies were normal and healthy 3 for 3. I was told I needed more because of the seizure meds I take so I had taken folic acid for 20 years. But I had heard that some people have issues with concerting folic acid to folate. A few years before I was told that people with depression sometimes have low folate in the brain are and was on one that crossed the blood brain barrier. Later I couldn’t afford the prescription and began folic acid again. All was ok for a while but I heard about this folic acid processing issue some have so switched to methyl folate. It’s the natural version. I notice a huge difference in my depression sysmptoms. Tried switching back when I ran out and it wasn’t the same. Now I only take methyl folate.
    To show what a difference it makes I have been dragging for weeks. I just realized I was out of it and didn’t know it. Idk when I ran out. But I bet I feel better when I start taking again. So while I don’t think I have this issue I think everyone processes methyl folate easier.

  38. I recently discovered through 23 and me data I have homozygous mthfr gene mutation. So many of the signs were issues I had or those in my family. A friend recently suggested I switch my multi to one that was methylated. I am AMAZED! This has changed my health! So much so I tell everyone about this vitamin I found!

    1. How did you find that information? I got tested through 23andMe and they didn’t tell me anything about it.

      1. When you sign into your 23andMe account click on the search bar. Enter MTHFR and it will give you a list of choices, choose the gene and it will display your results, that’s how I got mine. God bless.

  39. Just fyi, for information accuracy: the link for testing sends you to 23andMe DNA testing, but they don’t test for the MTHFR gene mutations specifically.

    1. It’s in the raw data. You can test through 23&me, input the raw date into a program like genetic genie, and it will tell you your results. 🙂

  40. Guess I will add my WOW here as well! That’s so sad about your lost babies. I have struggled with my weight all my life and just recently realized that I can’t eat certain wheat products. They make my heart race. I always assumed it was the salt level or caffeine. Until I had a B12 injection that made my heart race. It makes me wonder if I have this mutation also. Really like your site. I’m planning on going out to get a cookbook tonight.
    Thank you for sharing!

  41. I have just recently found this site and am taking it all in. I was wondering what you take for hypothyroid, and is it Hashimoto’s that you have? I may try these vitamins to see if they help me at all and may consider the gene test also. I am sorry you have had so much loss thus far, but am so happy you are now on the road to health. Thank you for sharing your story!


    1. I was on the medication Synthroid for 10 years. After changing my diet my hypothyroid disease is now in remission. I have been off medication now for 2 years. I have found that I am able to stay in remission by removing processed food, along with dairy, and some grains from my diet.
      I realize that this is just my story and may not be the case for everyone.

  42. I recently found your instantloss page. In reading thru the pages and deciding whether I’m keeping my Instant Pot and ordering your cookbook, or returning my Instant Pot, I came across this page. I cried while reading it. I have one child on this earth with me and 5 in heaven. After she was born, my body couldn’t handle another pregnancy. I have Graves disease, Hashimotos and more and cannot believe that doctors don’t know to test for this. If they did, I may have had a very full house. And I’m keeping my Instant Pot. Thank you for sharing.

    1. MarcB, Thank you so much for sharing a little bit of your story with me! I am so sorry for your losses. I truly hope that you find your Instant Pot to be as helpful as I did on my journey to health. I wish you nothing but the best!

  43. Curious if you are still taking this multivitamin? Feeling like I’m at a standstill with weight loss and just this summer learned I had one copy of a gene mutation, along with hormones and body changes with three kids was curious if you had changed up your multivitamin or still the same! Thank you!

  44. Your family healed w/o eliminating nightshades? They’re so commonly problematic for people with autoimmune disorders, esp. arthritic diseases.
    Also, I learned from my dr that I have the MTHF gene, but it wasn’t described as a mutation, so I’m kinda confused. I’ve been prescribed 1000 mcg methylfolate daily. Also have thyroid, arthritis, and hi cholesterol issues and resistance to losing weight. Do you think your multi would help me?

    1. Yes we did. 🙂 Everyone is so different! My suggestion would be to seek out a functional medicine doctor for more guidance.

  45. I have the same condition. Your article is great and very informative. However, the FDA mandate regarding folic acid happened in 1998, not 5 years ago. I have struggled with my weight and general health the whole time, but I had no idea what the cause was until recently. I had the most difficult struggles during my 3 pregnancies. I now know the prenatal vitamins were destroying my health because of the high doses of folic acid. The rest of the time, I would diet and exercise and never lose any weight because my multivitamin was sabotaging my efforts. It’s kind of nice to finally know that there really was something wrong with me that prevented me from losing weight. I spent the last 22 years beating myself up for not working hard enough or being perfect enough with my diet. My weight literally doubled, and I felt horrible and suffered deep depression. It is hard to avoid folic acid. I still struggle, but I have lost 20 pounds and I have hope for the future for the first time in years.

    1. I wrote this post several years ago, and will need to update it with the exact date. Thank you so much for reaching out and I am so glad that you found my article helpful. Wishing you all the best Carol!

  46. Your site is an answer to my heartache and prayers!!! I’d love to talk with you more. Will you please email me???

  47. I’m so happy to have found this. I’ve known my 13 year old has the MTHFR mutation for a few years but I had no idea that it could be what’s affecting his weight and causing his hypothyroidism. I ordered the vitamins and pray they’re as successful for him as they were for you!!

  48. I was just wondering how many months you were taking your multi before seeing results. I have many other issues besides mthfr, but my homosysteine was very high and Bs very low, so I’m on a methylated B complex.

    1. Within two weeks of being on the multi, I broke through my weight loss plateau and began seeing positive results.

  49. I am SO glad you posted this online – just found it today, and already ordered the vitamins for my daughter. She has struggled with her weight for years, and seemingly, no matter how little she ate – the weight stayed put. She also had some issues with unexplained depression and bi-polar issues.

    Will be sure to update you, with how the vitamins perform for her. We never thought that MTHFR might be an issue. If that is indeed what has been giving her problems, your story will have proved a Godsend!

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