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Happy Birthday InstantLoss.com Plus Giveaway!

Happy Birthday Instant Loss! instantloss.com

Happy Birthday InstantLoss.com!

A year ago today I launched InstantLoss.com.  Last year I started a bit of a stirring in the Instant Pot Community when I posted about losing 46 pounds in three months by simply cooking at home with my Instant Pot. I received thousands of comments and messages asking for recipes, help, and more information. 

I started answering everyone individually but quickly realized there were too many questions to answer and not enough me.

That’s when I launched the Instant Loss Facebook community. Within the first few hours the group grew to over 2,000 members. Instantly I had a new full time job responding to messages, posting recipes, and sharing about healthy eating. I felt like I unintentionally stumbled into my calling. 

Over the next couple days, the Facebook group began to grow. It started becoming difficult to manage my recipes posts on Facebook. That is when I received a call from my good friend, AlinaJoy. She encouraged me to start a blog. She wasn’t the first person to suggest it but she made me believe that I could do it!

I’m not very tech savvy and I knew next to nothing about running a website. I spent days working on the launch. I had several friends who were kind enough to answer my never ending stream of questions and on April 6, 2017, InstantLoss.com was up and running! We had over 50,000 views our first day on the web, which was intimidating and exciting all at the same time. 

My friend AlinaJoy with her traveling Instant Pot. LOL

Things began to move fairly quickly after that.

Now we have different resources to help with weight loss, and an Instant Loss Cookbook hitting stores in the Fall. Instant Loss has helped hundreds of people lose weight and I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to do what I love every day!

To read more about how I lost 125 pounds, 300 pounds over 6 pregnancies, click here!

Instant Loss would not exist if it weren’t for you! Today, on Instant Loss’ 1 year birthday, we’d like to give something back!


We are giving away: Instant Loss Aprons, Instant Loss T-shirts, and one lucky winner will receive a 6qt 7in1 Instant Pot! Entrants must be subscribed to the InstantLoss.com email list and must be following Instant Loss on Instagram. The giveaway will close on 4/8/2018 at 12AM ET. USA only.



  1. Good morning Brittney, Happy InstantLoss.com birthday! I hope you are feeling as good today as you looked yesterday!

  2. Happy Birthday Instant Loss!!
    Thanks for striving to help get the word out about healthy eating for weightloss and better physical health!

  3. I am so happy for you and thank you for sharing your journey. I am trying to get started. I am going to be reading and re-reading your pages here to try to figure out how and where to start. THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! <3

  4. Happy one year anniversary! Thank you so much for all you have shared with us! I am grateful beyond words to you for your guidance, recipes and inspiration!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! I am so happy to have found your blog last July! You’ve been such a blessing in my family’s life (especially mine)! Thank you for starting Instant Loss and being you!

  6. Happy anniversary Brittany!!!! Thank you for a great blog, easy recipes to follow for my family and for a great community!!!

  7. Happy 1 year!! You are an inspiration and have inspired me! Keep up the great work! Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!

  8. Happy one year anniversary and how much you have accomplish! Are you allowed to enter the giveaway more than once?

      1. Hey Britanny, if you want to keep the form entries to one submission per person, you can make the selection “Limit to one response” in the Google Form settings (the little gear icon at the top of your form). I hope this helps! 🙂

  9. Happy Anniversary!
    Thank you so much for helping me get the motivation to lose weight! I don’t want to be embarrassed every time someone takes a picture with my daughter and I! You’ve made me believe I can do it!

  10. Happy Birthday to your amazing adventure and thanks for bringing us all into a healthier lifestyle !

  11. Happy one year anniversary,! You’re such an inspiration! Hope you’re recovering well from your surgery.

  12. Happy Birthday Instant Loss!! You are amazing!! I love seeing your before and after photos!! I am also a huge instant pot fan! I love your meal ideas and recipes as well! You remind me of my daughter who also has lost about 100!! You’re truly an inspiration for good health!

  13. Blessings to you and your family! I tell everyone who is interested in how I’ve lost weight all about you!! 😊

  14. Thank you for inspiring me to make better food choices, it’s never too late to make a change! Congratulations and happy anniversary:)

  15. Happy Birthday
    You inspire me and are a true success story that shows me it can be done. I have just started following you and look forward to success stories of my own.
    Thank you for all you do.


  16. Congrats on all of the success! I look forward to many more years of meal plans and future cookbooks!

  17. Happy one year, Brittany! So happy to have found you here–you have inspired so many of us. Praying that you continue to heal quickly and without pain from your surgery!

  18. HaPpY 1 YeAR AnNiVeRSARY! Thanks so much for all of your wonderful tips & recipes! I enjoy all of the blog posts and so does my hubby. Your truly an inspiration to us!

  19. Happy Birthday Instant Loss! Thank you Brittany for bringing your honesty and your great healthy recipes to the World Wide Web. Since us busy moms are always looking for easy and quick recipes to feed our family’s. I love my instant pot and because of you I finally bought one and now I love it and want another. Hope you’re feeling better!

  20. Happy Birthday! I’m so happy to have found you! You inspire me! You’re the first thing I read every morning! I love your Instagram posts! Thank you!

  21. Happy birthday! Congrats on your surgery and to being back pain free. I love your site and videos. Thank you for all of your help.

  22. Happy Anniversary and a speedy recovery to you! What an inspiration you are. Can’t wait I see where next year takes you.❤️

  23. Happy Birthday! What a great way to celebrate all your successes! You look Fabulous! Not only can you see the physical transformation but You can see it in your smile! Congratulations! 🎉👙🎉💖

  24. Happy anniversary InstantLoss!! I have been around since the beginning right after I got my pot!! Thank you!!

  25. Happy Birthday Instant Loss! You did fall into your calling, Brittany! Happy healing & continued success!

  26. Happy 1st Anniversary. I am so thankful for your birth. This certainly is your calling. Beyond excited for that cookbook in the Fall.

  27. Brittany!
    I’m sure this has been an amazing learning curve, as you celebrate success with Instantloss. Your honesty is humbling, as you share intimate details of your surgery-prompted by excess skin from losing large amounts of weight. I recalled your mentioning back pain, was it a r dull radiant pain that had a heaviness feel to it and would accelerste when handling more than five pounds? Even holding the children was painful but you endured and hoped with the weight loss it would go away and it didn’t. I never thought this type of surgery would make a difference. I know I have been told my physical therapist that cesarean sections make our core core weak. I have tried with specific exercises to strengthen my core after 3 c-section and I have notice a change. I’m looking forward to reading about your surgery recovery and process. A perfect way to celebrate your first year of instantloss success. Congratulations!!

  28. Happy birthday Instant Loss! May all the blessings others have received because of you come back to you! Prayers for continued healing and health!

  29. Happy birthday Instant loss!!! Brittany, I am praying for your recovery! You are alway such an inspiration!

  30. Happy Anniversary! I do not have a instant pot, but received a power pressure plus almost a year ago and sadly have only used it once. I am so happy to have discovered you! You have inspired me to drag it out, dust it off and hopefully begin my own weight loss journey. I am not on FB but have started following you on IG and Twitter.

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