Abdominoplasty Healing Update- Week 1

Abdominoplasty Healing Update W1

This is my Abdominoplasty Healing Update – Week 1

I am officially one week post op today! I was so nervous leading up to surgery day. I wasn’t nervous about my decision but I was nervous about recovery. I did so much research about abdominoplasty with diastasis recti repair and read so many reviews. The majority of people claimed that recovery was awful. I was prepared for the worst and I was scared. 

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know that this recovery has been extremely easy on me! Which was totally unexpected! I was up and walking an hour after surgery. I was off heavy duty pain meds by day four and though I’m obviously still taking it easy and not running any marathons, I’m not bed bound or in pain either! 

Abdominoplasty Healing Update W1 instantloss.com

I’ve had c-sections (four) but I read of other’s experiences that this surgery can sometimes be more difficult to recover from. In my experience, however, this doesn’t even touch a cesarean recovery! During a c-section they cut through your skin, fat, muscle, and uterus. During an abdominoplasty, they only cut through the top two layers. Because of this, it makes sense that this would be a much easier recovery (for me at least).

In my case, I think there were several other contributing factors that made it easier as well. 

  1. I went drain-less. 
    After tons of research, I decided to find a doctor well skilled in drain-less abdominoplasties. I’ve never had drains after any of my other abdominal surgeries and quite frankly, the thought of having open wounds for several weeks freaks me out. They often seemed to cause more issues than they prevented. The research results are in. Drain-less procedures lead to lower infection rates, quicker healing times, AND they do not increase the chance of seromas forming (which is what the drains, in a non drain-less abdominoplasty, are supposed to prevent). 
  2. I researched my surgeon.
    I spent a lot of time interviewing, reviewing, and picking a surgeon. Even though it was more expensive, I went with someone who had a wonderful reputation and was a leader in his field as well. After all, this is the only body I have. This is not something you want to try to save pennies on (I’m not getting paid to say this but I know ya’ll are going to ask.) I decided to go with Dr. Grant Stevens and I am so glad that I did. His work is immaculate. His stitching is amazing and my scar is so straight and beautiful. Absolutely, 100% happy about my choice.
  3. I’m in a healthy weight range and eat a whole foods diet. 
    Most of you reading this know my story. I lost 125 pounds by changing my diet. I think that because I’m in the best physical shape of my life, my body is strong, and my diet is clean. I believe this contributed largely to my easier rebound. 
  4. I’m 28. 
    I’m still in my 20’s. Age always plays a big part when it comes to recuperating from things like surgery, which is why I wanted to do it sooner vs later. 

I am so glad I did this! I haven’t had an ounce of back pain since the surgery. I’m still swollen and my incision is tender but I know with time, that will heal and fade. I still have 7 weeks of recovering left to do before I can go back to exercising and about 6 months before I’m completely healed but I am well on my way! 

Abdominoplasty Healing Update W1 instantloss.com
Still slightly hunched, very swollen, but feeling fabulous!

I was terrified to share this part of my journey with you. I didn’t know what ya’ll would think about me electing to have this surgery (and I do care what you think). You have all become my friends. But I didn’t receive even one negative comment, only positive uplifting thoughts, words of encouragement and advice. I am so eternally grateful for that. I know that has helped me heal as well. 


  1. Kudos to you! I had Lap Band 10 years ago and would love to have this down, however lack of endless funds is the issue. I have just learned to deal, plus I would like to do my arms and inner thighs too. You are still young and it would matter to me in my 20’s or 30’s but now it is what it is.

    I know I don’t you personally but I’m very proud of you and all of your success, keep up the great work!!!

  2. I love reading your updates! Ive only been following you for about 8 weeks, but man you’re so inspiring!! I’ve been checking for updates about your surgery almost everyday. I can say without hesitation that your meal plans are amazing and delicious, even my 4 yr old nephew and 6 yr old niece agree, they live with me and love when we cook dinner together and make great, healthy food. Thank you and prayers for amazing healing and recovery.

  3. What an amazing journey❤️ you are such an inspiration to many people out there. Great job keep it up! I did buy an instant pot. I really need to read your receipes for clean eating. Thank you

  4. You worked so hard to lose the weight, why wouldn’t anyone do the surgery if they could? Good luck with the recovery!

  5. Good morning Brittany! You are truly amazing and inspiring! I don’t think I personally could share all the details of my journey like you have but I am extremely grateful that you have. I am in my late 30’s and struggling to find balance in my daily life to get my health journey restarted but watching you and other bloggers make small changes with great results helps me remember that the small changes make a huge difference in the end. Keep up the great work you are empowering, educating, and encouraging so many of all age groups.

  6. You look absolutely fabulous! I’m sure you’ve paved the way for many that have though about this surgery.

    Congratulations on your success and willingness to share with others.

  7. I am so very happy for you! While I totally supported your decision, i was worried that you would be in a lot of pain or that there might be complications. So very happy that your recovery has been good and exceptionally happy that your back pain has dissipated. You have given many of us with the loose skin from weight loss, hope that we can do something about it. I am hoping that one day I could have the money to do this, but very happy you could. You are a beautiful young lady and deserve to feel good about your body and feel good in your body!

  8. Congratulations on your continued healing progression. I too believe full heartedly that if you treat your body like a temple by way of clean eating, healing will with the proper rest do exactly what it’s designed to do. It’s amazing to witness, happy to celebrate in your success & motivated to continue with my own personal health journey of clean eating for quality of living. God is Good.❤️

  9. Your postings have given me hope that maybe my recovery won’t be too bad, though I have to look more into the drain thing. I’m pretty sure I get that for a week. Thanks for your transparency, and I hope your healing continues to go well!

  10. I am so happy for you! You deserve to live a life pain free. You had many people praying for you leading up to surgery, during surgery and for your recovery. It is amazing to see the community you have created and them to give back to you in support and prayers as you have given so much to us. I wish you all the best with your continued healing. The best is yet it come!! You look great!!

  11. I think you have to do what is right for you. I have had c-sections, gall bladder removal, uterus removal and gastric bypass surgery. I heard judgments on my partial hysterectomy and the bypass (which is why I choose to not tell most people). We need to use the options and tools that we feel work best for us individually. I am do happy that this is turning out better than you expected. I have kept off all my weight (100 lbs) for 11 years. I love your website and say thank you for all of the information, encouragement and recipes. Be well !

  12. I feel a huge sense of relief to keep reading that you are recovering well! I could not stand up straight for four weeks due to being rock-hard-tight after surgery. You have totally got this and I am so very glad!

  13. I’m so glad that your recovery is continuing to go so well. You look amazing! Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

    1. You look wonderful! I’ve been following your story and am so happy to hear about and see your wonderful results. What a caring person to share your positive results and what you did to get there. It takes persistence, research, and follow through to get to where you want to be! Congratulations and best wishes for your continued health and success! And thank you for what you’ve done for so many others by sharing you amazing story and recipes!

  14. Your transformation is incredible and you deserve the body you worked so hard to attain! Congratulations on taking this final brave step and sharing your story. Hope your healing and recovery continues smoothly. 💕

  15. Personally, I feel like we all deserve the best body we can have, regardless of how that comes to fruition. You’ve worked hard to build your family and then again to get yourself back…you deserve this! The fact that your recovery is going so well is simply a sign that this was the right thing for you. You look great and obviously feel great so many kudos to you!

  16. Brittany, You look fabulous. I am so glad that the surgery went so well for you. I am struggling with the shape progression that you have conquered!
    Thank you for your bold reveal of the improvements that you have made on your health and body. You inspire me and so many. I pray that all continues to go well for you.
    I do have a question. Can you show the band that you used during exercising / running?
    thank you again for sharing your AMAZING journey.

  17. Brittany…….Great people do things before they are ready. They do things before they know they can do it. You have proven yourself to be a woman with an incredible desire to be successful in whatever you do. Thank you for the inspiration you offer to those of us who follow your website and learn from you how to focus on living a happy, healthy lifestyle. You have taught me that I can do it too! Thank you so much.

  18. I am new to Instant Loss, so forgive me if I’m asking stupid questions. You say you had severe back pain and that this surgery helped. I am curious about the connection between the two – and would like your opinion regarding whether the surgery might help me. I am much older than you, 62, and I have 20-30 lbs to lose. I have the identical stomach (sagging pouch) that you show in the photo of you in the blue shorts. I have had two children (when I was 32 and 34). I have a significant amount of back pain – had a bulging disc and was told I have “significant” spinal stenosis.. Nobody has ever told me about “diastasis recti” before. I am wondering if I have it, and if fixing it might help my back. (Of course I would first try to lose 20-30 pounds.) Thank you!

  19. You are amazing! I had gastric bypass about 15 years ago and have wanted this surgery since I lost the weight! I am also a 2 year breast cancer survivor. I was supposed to go in on Monday for an implant exchange and a scar revision on my appendix scar! Hospital decided I had to have 2 separate surgeries! I was told this was a business decision! Anyhow my surgeon felt bad for all I had been thru and surprised me with a tummy tuck! I am now in the road to recovery with you!

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