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The Best Clean Eating Fall Recipes

How is it already Fall?  I cannot lie I am pretty excited for all of the fun Fall festivities we have coming up over the next couple months! Here are a few of my absolute favorite clean eating Fall recipes.

The Best Clean Eating Fall Recipes instantloss.com

  Dairy Free Instant Pot Hot Chocolate instantloss.com

Fall is such a joyous time.  I love the changing of the seasons, pulling out my sweaters and hoodies and sipping on hot chocolate.  There really is no better time of year.  Now that I am a mom it is even better because I get to see the magic of Fall in my kiddo’s eyes.

I so often get asked “Brittany what are some good meals I can make during the season change”.  It is so difficult to plan dinner during this time because you really don’t know if it’s going to be on the warmer side or cooler side.  I decided to share all of my top secret recipes and tips for cooking in the Fall and into the Winter months!


Instant Pot Dairy Free Creamed Corn instantloss.com

Soups and Stews

When it comes to cooking in the Fall soups and stews are my absolute go to!  My family loves them and I love them too. 

I make all of my soups in the Instant Pot so making dinner is a breeze.  Most of the soups I make are quick and easy dump and go recipes!  You won’t spend too much time prepping, cooking or cleaning.  Soups are also absolutely amazing for families that are busy shuffling kiddos to activities in the evenings and can easily be stored in the freezer for a quick weeknight dinner.

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The Best Instant Pot Fall Main Dishes instantloss.com

Fall Main Dishes

When I think of Fall and food I think of delicious, hearty recipes.  There is nothing better than sitting at the table with my family eating dinner during these cooler months.  On days that it isn’t too cool out I will typically cook one of my other favorite Fall dishes.  Around here we love pasta so that is usually what we end up eating in some variation.

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Fall Side Dishes

What is dinner without a delicious side?  It’s not dinner.  If sweet potatoes, bacon infused dishes and creamed corn are on the menu at your house I’m coming over! 

Don’t let the thought of cooking something extra scare you.  The flavors in all of my favorite Fall sides are completely worth the extra dirty dish.  Plus most of them are made in my Instant Pot so you’re already one step ahead of the rest!

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The Best Fall Sweet Treats instantloss.com

Fall Sweet Treats

My favorite part, the sweets!  Who doesn’t love sweets?  I cannot get enough pumpkin infused foods around this time of year and trust me I make a lot of them.  

Apples are also in season in the Fall and if you are lucky enough to live in an area that has apple orchards then I am sure apple picking is a tradition.  Apples are great to bake with in the Fall because they are fresh and the aroma that fills your home is amazing!

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