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Where do you get your protein?

The most common question about plant-based diets is where do you get your protein?

All plant food contains some amount of protein, but certain plants contain higher levels. Legumes (chickpeas, black bean, lentils etc.), nuts and seeds etc. Whole grains also contain a fair amount of protein. Fruits and vegetables typically contain the least amount of protein, but there are higher-protein vegetables.

Where do you get your protein? instantloss.com

Associating protein with animal products is ingrained in our society. Many people are taught that protein is only found in animal products but that is not correct.

One specific benefit of plant-based proteins is they contain fiber. Fewer than 3% of Americans reach the minimum daily recommend intake of fiber. More than 97% of Americans get enough protein (without even trying!). Nearly everyone is suffering from fiber deficiency.

Plant Based Protein Salad instantloss.com
Light and Fresh Mediterranean Bowl Page 114

When calories are separated from fiber we are always hungry because our body never gets the signal that we’ve eaten enough. If we haven’t gotten enough fiber our stomach sends signals to the brain that we are starving.

There is zero fiber in animal food and little to none in processed food. Nearly all of our population fails to eat enough plant food but most of us focus on animal protein for health, which is the exact opposite of what the research suggests we should do.

Plant Based Protein instantloss.com
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Plant Based Protein instantloss.com
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There is also the amino acid profile of plant-based vs animal proteins to consider. To keep it brief, a variety of plant-based proteins can provide adequate amounts of all essential amino acids which are what protein stands are made of.

Opting for less animal protein and more plant protein is a simple way to get more fiber!

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Additional benefits of plant-based protein consumption include:
        1.      Linked with lower risk of cardiovascular disease
        2.      Associated with decreased risk of certain types of cancer
        3.      Beneficial for weight management

My family has been about 90% plant based for the last few years. Anytime we deviate we incur symptoms like sluggishness after meal times instead of feeling energized, less healthy and frequent bowel movements, and a higher level of inflammation within the body. Being mostly or all plant based is not for everyone and as with everything else, such a drastic change should be discussed with your physician beforehand.

Instant Pot Vegan Black Bean Soup instantloss.com
Instant Pot Vegan Black Bean Soup

Some of my favorite resources are:

As with everything else, these books and documentaries are to be taken in and held up against what you already know to be true about yourself. I don’t ever agree with a book or documentary completely but there is certainly valuable gems of information to be absorbed and put into practice for a healthier, happier you!

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What I Eat My Food Philosophy instantloss.com

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