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Rebecca and Dan’s Weight Loss Update {October}

Welcome October!

One month ago in our Weight Loss Weigh in I talked about how much I love this time of year and all the exciting things I have to look forward to during this season. I also mentioned receiving some bad news just a day before the end of the month which partially derailed our best efforts to get back on track the last couple weeks of August, just before our monthly weigh in.


Well as life goes, a wrench has been thrown into those plans. “We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.” (Proverbs 16:9).

Brittany shared with all of you that I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. This has thrown us for a loop, it came out of nowhere. I went in on August 30th for a routine annual mammogram where they detected a mass and confirmed it by ultrasound. 7 days later a biopsy was performed and  8 days after that I received the results of confirmation. Invasive ductal carcinoma. (For those who may wonder it has not yet been staged). The next day is when Brittany opened her heart to you and shared the news, as she took a day to spend with her family and absorb the news and deal with her emotions.
Side note: To the ladies, please get your annual mammogram done. It is essential to earlier detection. I never felt a lump and my mammogram exactly one year earlier was clear with not even a suspicious area. I just turned 47 years old on Sept 25th. Breast cancer is not just an ailment of the elderly.

There is still much to discover about my surgical and treatment plan. I have an appointment with a surgical oncologist that specializes in breast cancer on October 3rd and expect I will be having surgery shortly thereafter. The extent of which I do not know at this time. I have since discovered that the tumor is HER2 positive which means it’s aggressive and has a higher risk of reoccurrence and metastasis. So I assume we will be tackling treatment aggressively. I appreciate all your prayers this month. By the time I update you again in November, I suspect I will be recovering from surgery.

How am I doing?  My faith is in God, I trust my life in His capable hands and my hope is in the shelter of His arms. He has given me peace that exceeds understanding and a support system that is stronger and larger than I ever knew I had. I am in good spirits. I am positive in my attitude and thoughts and I am hopeful in my future and in the capable hands of the team of doctors at City of Hope, where I feel God has guided me.

Now back to our weight loss and nutritional journey, which is now intertwined with my health and healing goals. Due to the stress, frustration and emotions involved in the waiting process for insurance approvals and waiting on pathology results for answers, we gave into comfort eating and not really caring much about our food choices. I didn’t feel like cooking or shopping and so we ate pizza and take out sandwiches and even hamburgers and french fries. We just didn’t care. Although, my emotions created a suppressed appetite most days so my portions were usually small.

My husband has also struggled with emotions and desire to comfort eat without a suppressed appetite. It has been a rough time. After the results on Sept 14th, Brittany’s posting on Sept 15th and some suggested comments about nutrition, fasting and how it effects cancer, I decided to do my research into studies on fasting and cancer and nutrition and how it effects cancer.

I have experience with fasting for spiritual and health reasons. This was something I knew I could do and if it helps to stop growth of cancer cells it was a way to take some semblance of control back in a situation that was out of my control. Especially in the interim while I await appointment and surgery, it gave me a proactive solution to attempt.
I want to state right now that I do not recommend fasting unless you consult your doctor for your specific health situation (it is strongly contraindicated for certain conditions and situations), and thoroughly do your research and understand the how, when, and whys of fasting. Fasting can be effective for weight loss and health restoration. There are many myths and fallacies in regards to fasting which should be researched and understood. My motivation for fasting is strictly to stop the growth and multiplication of cancer cells within my body and prepare my body and immune system for what is to come.

So I embarked in a combination of extended fasting days with days between consisting of intermittent fasting and low carb, high fat, moderate protein diet of just eating real food! #jerf I have totally cut out sugar of all kinds for now including natural sweeteners like agave, honey etc. I have adhered to a very strict protocol including not indulging in any sweet treats for my birthday. (I will have more birthdays!) Dan took me out for a very healthy dinner date on my birthday and we had a wonderful evening.

This strict adherence to fasting and healthy eating has resulted in weight loss in the second half of the month as you will see in my weigh-in scale results.

I sincerely thank all of you for your kind words, thoughts, encouragement and prayers. Your support to my family is deeply appreciated. We will continue in our pursuit to better health, despite the mountain that has revealed itself on our road to victory but also because of that mountain! Our God is the mountain mover!

On a lighter note: we are overjoyed for the release of Brittany’s cookbook on October 2nd! An occasion we have been looking forward to since last December! We are so very proud of our daughter and all that she has accomplished, the people she has inspired and the lives she has blessed! Congratulations Brittany Williams and everyone in the Instant Loss community that has made this all possible!
We love you Brittany!

October 1st weigh-in results:

Dan: 259.7 +2.5 for September (-39.3 total)

Me:  192.6  -10.4 for September (-57.4 total)


  1. I was diagnosed in July 2106 at the age of 46. Triple positive breast cancer, stage 2. Chemo, radiation, & surgery and I am stronger than ever. The diagnosis will change your life, no doubt. You will learn who & what matters and what is just fluff. Once you absorb the information and the path you are set on, please find a group (I went to breastcancer.org) and join. Ladies going through the same treatments will be able to help you learn what is normal and what is cause for concern. They will lift you up when you need it and you will support them and make friends for a lifetime. They have better suggestions on how to combat symptoms than a lot of doctors do. Put yourself first, but take help when you need it. Allowing others to help you helps them to feel a part of your recovery and lets them let you know how much they care. God Bless and Welcome to the Sisterhood that none of us wanted to join, but is forever a part of who we are.

  2. Thank you for the update and for your clear faith in God. Many will hear about Him because of you and your difficult trial. I will pray for you and your family. ❤️ From one sister to another! ❤️

  3. I was diagnosed with oral cancer the end of September last year. I had surgery on October 5, 2017, to remove the cancer and then started radiation in November. I turned 46 last May. God granted me a sense of calmness and strength throughout my treatment. I pray He provides your doctors with wisdom and steady hands. I pray you feel shielded and protected in His presence throughout your journey. Your battle has already been won.

  4. Prayers are with all of you. Rebecca, One of the best things you have done is to already incorporate a healthy lifestyle before your treatment. Prayers for strength, and healthy as you will best this! Prayers for your husband to stay strong by your side. Brittany, as a child of a parent with cancer, my prayers are with you and your siblings as well. It is a hard place to be in. Looking forward to getting my book today!!!

  5. Rebecca, I am praying for you and Dan and your entire family. Your faith is so strong and you have an amazing attitude. I am praying for complete healing, strength, and peace. I’m so proud of you for having the discipline to eat healthy in this trying time. You’re doing amazing, and you look incredible! Thank you for sharing all of your story, you are inspiring! Keep on going, God has this!!

  6. I was diagnosed HER2+ and then MRI guided biopsy revealed a little ER+ in April 2014. Mine was also discovered by routine ultrasound. It was small. Although aggressive, I had no lymph node involvement and I had clear margins. I had 12 weekly infusions of Taxol and 1/3 dose of Herceptin and then Herceptin for nine more months every three weeks. God amazed me in the journey, and I do not feel I suffered. I chose double mastectomy and no reconstruction. I am still happy with that decision, and my wonderful husband has loved me through it all. He held me and prayed for me daily. Prayers for your journey! My last Herceptin was June 16, 2015. I am still taking Anastrozole, an estrogen inhibitor for two more years (pill). God is good and life is full of love and joy. I pray the same for you!

  7. I do not know you or your daughter personally, but like so many others have been inspired by the beautiful stories of your family. Thank you for stating that Breast Cancer does not discriminate. I was diagnosed at age 37. I had 3 young children (breastfeeding the youngest actually), no family history, no risk factors, and under the age of 40. I was also diagnosed in “pink October” of 2013. This will not be easy. But it will be easier because of what I see on social media of your family – a great support system, strong faith, commitment to a healthy lifestyle, and a positive attitude. Praying for you and yours. As silly as this may sound… please feel free to DM me in IG for anytime you need to talk to someone “who’s been there”
    Stage III , + nodes
    double mastectomy with DIEP
    Chemotherapy ACT, RADIATION

  8. Keeping you in my prayers. I just turned 50 and more of my friends than I’d like to count have been diagnosed with breast cancer…one with the same diagnosis as yours. It’s been a couple of years now since the surgery and all is well (with the exception of Tomoxafin induced hot flashes! Ugh!). It’s a journey for sure but I hope you take heart in her positive outcome. It’s easy to see where Brittany gets her ability to intelligently share how to overcome adversity!! 😊

  9. Bless you as you embark on this journey knowing He walks with you. “ Be strong and courageous for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go “ Joshua 1
    You have a precious family!! Rebecca. 💕

  10. Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

    For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

  11. Echoing the encouraging words of prayer, support shared already. You are blessed to have a strong faith and loving community behind you. A friend told me about a product that may be of great value to you. It’s more widely known on the west coast than the east coast. I can send you her info if you’d like to check into it. Feel free to email me.

  12. I’ll keep you & your family in my thoughts and prayers. HER2 positive is a long treatment plan. I was diagnosed 4 years ago as Triple Positive about a month before my 48th birthday. I found lots of information and inspiration on the BREASTCANCER.ORG page and especially the community discussion boards. Just tips on what to expect during treatment and preparing for treatment from ladies that actually been in my shoes before and lots of support. Stay strong!

  13. Rebecca,
    I do not know you or Dan, but you are in my prayers. My sister just went through exactly your story, and is doing well. I will keep you in my prayers especially tomorrow as you have your appointment.
    Kay Grant

  14. Our God is the mountain mover, indeed. Please carry the love of this community that Brittani has begun, and hold it close to your heart in these next days ahead.
    Your photos are beautiful!

  15. Prayers coming your way. I just had a mammogram this week and was called yesterday that they found something in my breast and need further imaging. I have never had any problems with mammograms in the past. I am 60 years old!
    I am scared. I have also been hit with another call that I have a enlarged liver and file duct. Talk about coming in 3s.
    I am overweight And I believe when I loose the weight my body will get better.
    I do believe God has a plan for all of us. I will put all my faith in him. Please take care for yourself.

  16. Brittany, please tell your mom that I, too, was diagnosed with the same type of cancer at the age of 41. No family history of the disease, no risk factors other than having my kids “later” in life (at 32 and 34). Great news that she GOT that mammogram!!! She will have lots of decisions to make about treatment. Tell her to trust her instincts and pray. The right course will become clear! We that have gone before her are praying for her, the doctors that will treat her and the family!

  17. I’m sorry you have to go through this. The first months are a whirlwind of fear and confusion. Take one day at a time. Some will be good some bad, but fight fight fight you will get through it. My surgeries, chemo and radiation were 8 years ago. You can do this!!! Good luck and prayers to you.

  18. Prayers for you and hubby as you continue on your journey to health. Your weight loss is one of the most important journeys you can take. Keep up the good work as you prepare your body for surgery and recovery.

  19. I will be keeping all of you in my prayers. I love your honesty and transparency, but mostly your faith and trust in God. He is the ultimate healer and I know He will walk with you during this journey.

  20. Keep the faith! I was diagnosed at 40 with stage 2B. I had to have chemo before surgery due to the size of the tumor. Surgery followed, 12 lymph nodes removed. More chemo and radiation. Then Tamoxifen. It was all worth it. After 15 years I have officially been released from my oncologist. I have gotten to see my daughter grow up, graduate from college and law school. It’s been a long journey and God was with me every step of the way as he will be with you. Stay strong in mind, body and soul.

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