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Monthly Member Spotlight {Kena}

Hi Instant Loss Community! I’m Kena and this is my story:

I started gaining weight as I was approaching 30. I’ve always been into exercising but no matter what I did I continued to pack on the weight. I’ve tried every diet plan known to man with little to no luck and always put the weight back on.  I started my healthy eating journey about 5 years ago.  With lots and lots of research, I started reading labels for ingredients, knowing the least amount is better.  

About 3 years ago I started having gut issues. I would have attacks where I would be doubled over with stomach pain with the worst burning feeling ever. I went to numerous doctors. Had Ultrasounds, CT Scans, MRIs with no answers. Again back to the drawing board, I started researching all things gut health. I begin removing processed foods from my diet. I started to feel better and the attacks came less and less. Also, learned how to shrink my stomach by eating smaller portions. 
In December I stumbled across InstantLoss.com. I was looking for a plan that used real foods that would be in compliance with my healthy eating lifestyle for my gut. I told myself I would try the plan out for 4 weeks. Within those 4 weeks, I felt so much better and had so much more energy. About two months in I noticed a difference in how my clothes fit. I don’t really have a starting weight as I don’t feel a number on a scale is important (to me). However, I did measure the first week I started. So I measured again and had lost 8 inches those first few months.

As of today, I’ve lost over 20 inches all together. 

Kena Monthly Member Spotlight instantloss.com

At the end of January, I got really serious about eating clean. We decided not to eat out for the month of February and that led into March. I kept with not eating processed food along with cutting back on grains, gluten, and sugar. This is when I saw a big difference in the weight loss. 
Water intake, meal planning, and preparation is everything. I drink at least 120oz of water daily. And, no soda or sugary drinks. I can’t express it enough DRINK YOUR WATER and lots of it. 
I workout 3-5 times a week. Buti Yoga, HIIT, and Weights. If I miss a workout I don’t get worked up about it but do feel so much better when I get my workouts in.  You can workout every day but if you don’t have your food in check you won’t see a big difference in weight loss. 

Best decision I ever made was doing this for me. I feel better about myself and I love seeing (and feeling) the progress. I have a ways to go to get to my goal but I’ll get there.

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