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Homemade Almond Milk

This homemade Almond Milk will have you always making your own milk from now on.

Homemade Almond Milk instantloss.com

After I tried and failed to make Almond Milk from scratch 6 years ago I hadn’t tried again. I was under the impression that it was a lot more difficult than it actually is. Earlier this week I discovered that the brand we buy, Kirkland Organic, has an unmethylated form of B12. Unfortunately, unmethylated B12 is one of our dietary restrictions. 

With the encouragement and tutelage of members from the Instant Loss Facebook Group I decided to give it another go and y’all… IT IS SO EASY!! It’s also the best tasting Almond Milk I’ve ever had, I’m not kidding you. It kinda makes me a little sad that my first try was such an epic fail because if I would have tried this method right from the start I would have been making my own for the last 6 years!

Homemade Almond Milk instantloss.com

Don’t be like me. Step outside the box and start making your own, one sip and you won’t regret it. 

I priced out raw organic almonds yesterday and Amazon has them cheaper than our Sprouts or Trader Joes. You can buy them here.

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If you make this delicious recipe, be sure to share a picture of it on Instagram with the hashtag #InstantLoss. I love seeing your kitchen creations! 

Almond Milk

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  • 1 cup raw almonds
  • 4 cups water


  • Place the almonds and water inside a high powered blender and blend on high until there are no large chunks of almonds left, about 60 seconds. 
  • Working over a large bowl, pour the almond mixture into a nut milk bag, and ring the liquid out of the bag. There will be about a cup of almond pulp leftover (see note). Pour the liquid into a pitcher and store inside of the refrigerator for 3 to 5 days. 


1. If you do not have a high powered blender you can soak the almonds in water for 8 hours or overnight to soften them. This is not required with a heavy duty machine like the Vitamix.
2. This is a no waste recipe! Take the pulp and spread it out on one of the sheets that come with your dehydrator and dry at 115 degrees (F) for 4-8 hours or until completely dry. It can be ground into a flour by using a food processor, high powdered blender or a spice or grinder. To make a white almond pulp, remove the skins after soaking and before blending into milk.
I don't have much time for that much fussing so I prefer to use my pulp right away. Check out my Almond Pulp Pancakes recipe for a great way to utilize undehydrated pulp. 
Author: Brittany Williams


  1. How long does homemade almond milk last before it goes bad? We don’t drink a ton of milk at our place, so having a frame of reference is good for us! 🙂

  2. My husband enjoys commercially produced almond milk and has no noticeable reaction to it. However, when I make almond milk from scratch he complains that it makes his tongue itch. I can’t figure it out, I would imagine it would be the other way around because of all the chemicals. Any ideas as to why this could happen?

  3. I noticed in one of your recipes you call for vanilla almond milk. How do you make that?

    Also, how long would you let the almonds soak if you, say, forgot to do them overnight and we’re starting in the morning?


          1. I think she means for drying in the oven instead of dehydrator (which is also what I need to do!).

  4. Never knew you can do this, great recipe for very tasty almond milk so much better then store bought. Just a bummer it turns bad quickly next time I think I would half the recipe because we do go through it as quickly. 🙂

  5. I love almond milk but really hard to find in stores without all the extra ingredients. Started making this and it is so easy to do and so good. Also started using it in my coffee for creamer and happy I don’t have to buythe artificial creamers any more.

  6. Just made this the other day and I was blown away with how easy it is!! And economical! Will be a staple in our house!!

  7. I’ve been buying almond milk for years! Didn’t know it was this easy! And tastes better! I even made Almond Milk creamer by blending the soaked almonds with 1 cup of water to make it thicker & creamier.

  8. Delicious! I used Almond Milk almost every morning with my breakfast. Haven’t noticed a difference. I’ll be making a 1/2 batch next time since my freezer experiment didn’t go very well.

  9. Another winner! I honestly love homemade almond milk! I make it a couple of times a week now. Thanks for showing us the way!

  10. Do you have an idea of how long and what temp to use for drying the pulp in the fridge? I do love that your recipe has no waste.

    Thank you

  11. Someone mentioned that when they tried to freeze this, it didn’t work out. That confuses me as to why it failed. Has ANYBODY tried to freeze a portion with success?

  12. How long do you blend for and at what speed on a vitamix? I did not wind up with even 1/3 cup of pulp and wonder why. I did use a nut bag to strain.

      1. Are there other forms of B vitamins to look for on labels? Just got the same MTHFR diagnosis and trying to decode everything. Thank you for sharing your journey to help us!

        1. Hi Jessica, I can’t speak for all almond milks but usually you can look out for Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6 in almond milk.

  13. Hi Brittany, I don’t have a Vitamix. Only a regular blender. Do you think that would be able to chop almonds?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Heather!

      You are certainly use any blender or food processor although a high powdered blender will work best, We highly recommend the Vitamix.

      Instant Loss Team

  14. My almond milk keeps separating. I shake it and it mixes again but after a few hours it needs to be shaken again……I am following the recipe perfectly and I use good quality almonds. Any thoughts?

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