It has officially been two months since I had my skin removal and Diastatis Recti surgery. I’ve had so many messages inquiring about how recovery and healing is going. I haven’t really been talking about it much because I don’t really think about it much. I feel back to normal which is great!  

There are a few minor things that I’ve had to deal with. A little nerve damage on the upper outside part of my left thigh which is repairing itself, thankfully. My scar is a little lopsided because my body is literally lopsided. lol My spine is out of alignment and my left hip is taller than my right hip. This is not because of the surgery but I notice it more now because my scar highlights it. (If you know of a good chiropractor in the Palm Dessert, CA/Palm Springs, CA area feel free to shout them out below.)


My scar is also a little higher than I would have preferred. It sticks out above most of my bikini bottoms but I’m short and I have a very short torso so I don’t believe that there was much to be done about that. I’m still experiencing a bit of swelling, especially when I have an active day or I make poor food choices. Swelling is expected for the first 6 months and can persist for the first year so all of these things are totally normal! My scar is still very purple and very noticeable but I have full confidence that it will become a thin white line as time goes on. 

I no longer have the post surgery hunch and can completely straighten my spine and torso. The back pain that I lived with daily before is still 100% gone and is by far the thing I am most thankful for. 


I haven’t really lost any weight because of the surgery. They actually tell you in pre-op that you usually don’t see a big shift in the scale after skin removal so I wasn’t expecting to lose weight. The doctor removed 4 pounds of excess skin but the post surgery swelling didn’t allow me to see that on the scale. Since surgery I’ve been eating very clean, with the exception of a few trips, and have participated in a couple different Instant Loss DietBets where I’ve been able to maintain my weight. 

I have never once regretted having the surgery. I was so nervous about it before but it’s truly one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself, mainly, because it healed me of my chronic pain. But I also have to acknowledge the extra pep in my step and little boost of confidence it’s given me too.


I still have a lot of extra skin. Losing 125 pounds, half your body weight, will do that to a person. Read more about how I lost my weight here.

My thighs are the biggest culprit.


I also have some on my back above my bottom, my bottom, breasts, and arms but that’s okay. It’s normal and I’m happy to leave well enough alone. 🙂

If you’re interested in learning more about my surgery and physician, click here.

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  1. Your journey has inspired me to see about having my Diastasis Recti and Umbiical Hernia repaired. I’m curious if insurance covered any part of your surgery? And if you don’t mind sharing, how much total did you have to pay out of pocket? Also, did your Dr have to use mesh to close your abs back up, or was suturing the method he used? Thanks so much for always being so honest with us all! Your journey is incredible and I am so proud of you! Cheering you on always, M

    1. My insurance didn’t cover anything, I had to pay for it all out of pocket. Every doctor is going to charge you differently so it’s best to discuss payment with the providers you interview. 🙂 From what I recall he used both, Dr. Stevens if you read this and I’m wrong feel free to correct me. 🙂

  2. Do you have a laser clinic/medals near you? If you do laser treatments it will help with lightening the scar color and tissue buildup (if any). I am going on month 3 next week of my surgery and have had 2 treatements and it has helped already! I think it’s nice to have someone that had the same surgery as me so close together without even planning it hahaha! I like knowing I can hop on to your IG page and see that what I am/was going through you seem to be having similar things! Your confidence is contagious and we need more of that in the world 💜

  3. Ive used a fabulous chiropractor 👩‍⚕️ named Kristen Bohnet. She was in Palm Desert but she moved to La Quinta! She is amazing and talented! She runs Bohnet Acupuncture and Chiropractic. ‭(760) 771-2332‬. Tell her I sent you! I saw her for ten years until I moved away and I haven’t found anyone like her!

  4. Why did I think you were in like Victor Ville?? Not that this matters We don’t know each other. I now more about you as I am merely a follower but we live in North Indio had no clue we were so close!! LaQuinta Gonstead Family Chiropractic Dr. Jeremy is fabulous but I know LaQuinta 😬….could be rather far for you. Dr. Stansbury I believe is in Palm Desert he is very good as well. Had no clue you were right in my hood!! So glad I ran into your page!

  5. Thank you for being so open about this. I have a bunch of loose skin after losing 165 pounds and have thought about doing the surgery, but at 61 it’s probably not worth it. I have seen others asking about it. Would you mind if I shared this post in an Ideal protein specific FB group? It is a closed group so the post would only be seen my members of the group.

    1. Of course, you are free to post a link to any post I have on here. Thank you for asking Ron, congratulations on 165 pounds!!! What an incredible accomplishment!

    2. I am 77 and did not like the way I looked. I had tummy tuck and lips. Day 1 do I cannot comment on outcome yet but hoping for the best. My body and I like looking good..

    3. I’m 62 and just had a tummy tuck and felt it was well worth it. I feel healthier and happier and being sexually active, this has definitely made that more fun as well.

  6. Brittany,

    My family is enjoying the many recipes you have shared. Your name is spoken as if you were a friend down the street. lol

    Do you mind sharing the brand of your swim suit in this photo? It is beautiful !

  7. Congratulations to you!!!! Coming from a medical person I think it looks great. I would suggest you keep it out of the sun for a least a year or unfortunately it will remain that purple color. You can also use Aloe (all natural w/ no alcohol) to help with that as well.

  8. You could try dry brushing for the swelling . I saw a YouTube video of a I’m plastic surgeon staying dry brushing can help. Also it could help with the loose skin. I saw a difference in just a few days with my belly , but I have not been keeping it up. I get lazy with it .

  9. Thanks for your openness . You look amazing! The scar will fade, over time. It gets much lighter. It’s only been two months. Good for you!

  10. First off, you look amazing and are such a huge inspiration, so thank you. Second, I LOVE that bikini. Thank you for being so confident to document this journey for people like me and share your success and solutions with us. You’re awesome.

  11. Thank you for sharing! I am meeting with a plastic surgeon next week and have already chosen a general surgeon to internally fix my diastasis recti and umbilical hernia. I have extra skin mostly from my full term twin pregnancy, but I want surgery to fix my back pain mostly! I am so glad to hear a story where that’s corrected. Plus, you look great! I turn 30 this year and am glad I’m getting it done soon so I can enjoy the benefits while I’m still young!

  12. I used to have a lot of chronic pain from excess weight and a 3 hour daily commute when we were stationed in Hawaii. I kept seeing ads for the fascia blaster, and I got one. The big “sell” for this is that it can reverse cellulite. I was more interested in the pain relief. The fascia blaster worked! Not over night, but it helped remove layers of pain from all over my body. We moved back to VA, and the acupuncturist I’m seeing does cranial-sacral and osteopathic manipulation. My hips were rotated in opposite directions and slanted (one higher than the other). He manipulated them back into place, which has made it possible for me to run without pain for the first time in my memory. I’ve lost 60lbs this year (my son is a year old), and I definitely feel so much better! I do want to lose 40lbs more. I had purchased your first book a while ago, when I got my instant pot, but now I’ve decided to work from home, so I’m really going to make more effort to change my food culture. Sometimes, I feel intimated by making food if there is too much food prep involved. I’m trying to change that mindset to being grateful for having an opportunity to nourish my family and myself. Your story is inspiring, and you are definitely my fit’spo. Cheers!

  13. Your scar isn’t too high! Try high waisted bikini bottoms. I thought I would HATE them at first and I didn’t like several I tried on. BUT, I found some that hit just below the belly button with high cut around the legs and they are amazing! It hides the scar well and makes your legs look so much longer! Good luck on your healing! Your results look amazing!

  14. Thank u for confirmation at the 2 mth post opp symptoms.
    We literally have the same descriptions lol Im crooked too, left hip higher look shorter waisted now with purple scar swelling if Im up too much. Im a young 58 but this surgery and recovery knocked me on my butt!!! Im wondering if lymphatic massages would help wit swelling? Im more swollen on the upper portion of my abdomen.

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