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5 Tips for Getting Back on Track After a Holiday Weekend

In the past one *cheat* meal over a holiday weekend used to have the tendency to send me back tracking for days, weeks, sometimes months. Over the past few years I have learned a lot about getting back on track after a holiday weekend.

5 Tips For Getting Back on Track After the Holiday Weekend instantloss.com

Here are 5 tips to help you get back on track after a holiday weekend:

  1. Don’t bring the holiday home with you. Leave all goodies and desserts at the party or if the party was at your house, make guests a doggy bag and send leftovers home with them. If it isn’t in your house you can’t eat it!
  2. Get back into your routine. Do not let the holiday spill into your week. Be intentional on Monday morning. Get up, drink water, and make yourself a healthy breakfast to kick off your week the right way. Don’t let the lure of holiday slothfulness stop you from being successful.
  3. Give your digestive system a rest, especially if you’re up a few pounds after a holiday weekend. Consider juicing for a few meals or drinking meal replacement smoothies. If you pre-break down your post-holiday meals for your body (by juicing or blending them), your digestive tract can spend more resources digesting your *cheat* meal(s).
  4. Tighten your belt. Consider cutting sugar, grain, and dairy out entirely for a week or two following your holiday. It’ll give you an awesome jump start to getting back into your groove and you’ll see wonderfully encouraging results, fast.
  5. Don’t sweat the small stuff! Didn’t make the best choices over the weekend? Disappointed with the number on the scale? It’s okay! Just don’t let the disappointment take over. Give yourself a little grace and get back up on the horse. Even if you have to re-lose five to ten pounds you already lost, don’t sweat it. It’ll come off fast if you’re intentional about your diet for the next couple of weeks!

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  1. What are your favorite post holiday juice recipes? I fell off the wagon more than I realized this past weekend and the scale and I are in a fight!

  2. Reality stinks as I’ve attempted to get serous with eating healthy and losing this weight. I was expecting a lower number this morning and almost broke into tears with the 5 pound GAIN! ??Thanks for your post. I definitely ate better last week but the holiday weekend wasn’t great and now I must face the harsh truth as to what I need to stay away from…even in moderation. This weight has to come off but I feel hopeless at times.

    1. I could have written that myself. It’s so discouraging to see hard work erased after one or two days of a tiny bit of splurging. I didn’t even eat *that* bad. I just had a little bit of dairy, grain, and sugar in tiny portions and up up up I went. I’m prepared for it now though. I always gain 5-7 lbs during a holiday but if I don’t let myself get discouraged and I’m intentional about my eating I can usually get back to where I was within 4-7 days.

  3. Great tips Brittany ! This is the nice thing about not weighing myself often…I may have gone up a few pounds but by not knowing for sure, I can start a new without the guilt being reenforced on the scale!

  4. I lost…I was excited. I did have 2 white rolls and a little bit of salt water taffy, but limited my day to one serving then I ate fruit and veggies with a chicken breast….but I exercised more, only down .8 lb..not quite 1…however, today was rough because I had sugar and now I am craving it. Fighting through it with celery sticks with peanut butter, the stuff you make from just peanuts. It is helping but not taking it away.

    1. That is FANTASTIC! I am excited for you!!! I know what you mean about the cravings. I had a few bites of pizza and it’s all I’ve been able to think about for two days. Pushing through though. I love your peanut butter and celery snack idea. I think I’ll do that today!

  5. Whether you need to head back to the gym more often or take regular walks now that the weather is turning warmer (finally!), get up and get moving. As silly as it sounds, I ve been consciously jogging in place while I wait for my lunch to heat up in the microwave, or taking walks with my kids in the afternoon. Every step counts.

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