Today I’m sharing a guest post by a member of our Instant Loss Facebook Community who wrote an awesome review about her experience with the Nutri Ninja Blender and the Vitamix 780. Thank you for this informative, eye opening review Tabitha! 

Ninja Vs. Vitamix: A Showdown

Let me start by saying this experiment greatly shocked me. You should have heard the sounds and words coming out of my mouth as I went thru each step in the process!!

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Models Used:
– Nutri Ninja Blender with Auto IQ BL682 

– Vitamix 780 reconditioned 


Note: There are cheaper models from both brands.
Ninja: if you get a cheaper model it will likely not have the same horsepower/wattage and that could considerably change the results of the Ninja’s blending abilities.
Vitamix: has cheaper comparable models that are the same horsepower/wattage or slightly less (more on that later).


– Ninja: Rated at 2 horsepower. Actual operating is 2 horsepower. 1,500 watts.
– Vitamix: Rated at 2.2 horsepower. Actual operating peaks at 2.2 horsepower but operates at 1,440 watts (so slightly less than that of the ninja)

The Vitamix 780 is a part of the “G series” models.
All G series models have a 2.2 horsepower motor. “C series” models are close, at 2 horsepower, except the 5300 which is at 2.2 horsepower.
While I have not tested this theory, it should mean that you will get the same results or very close to the same if you have a different G series model or a C series…which is good news because it means you can spend a lot less for a Vitamix and get the same blending quality.
From what I have seen in Brittany’s videos, I highly believe this to hold true.

Experiment # 1 Incredible Hulk Blender Muffin

*I followed the linked recipe and used the same ingredients in each blender. The ingredients were added to the blender in the same order. I subbed honey for the pitted dates. I did not include the core/seeds or the skin of the apple. The skin was just personal preference since we do not have organic apples at the moment. 



The ninja did not completely blend the steel cut oats. You can clearly still see them in the batter. I ran both this blender and the Vitamix for approx. 45 seconds. I ran this one first to get a baseline comparison on time. In my opinion, it had actually reached its max blending ability on this test prior to the 45 seconds but I was trying to get it to blend more. Even running the blender on high (which is as high as it could go) this is the best blend I could produce.

After baking, the muffins had a chewy kind of texture and was quite a bit different from the standard muffin texture one would expect. The muffins still tasted good though! Were they edible? Absolutely.



The Vitamix was able to completely blend the steel cut oats. There was no recognizable trace of them in the batter, nor any other ingredient. It even had a more attractive color. I’m assuming that was due to a more complete blend as I measured out the spinach for each.

The Vitamix has a variable speed of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest speed. For this experiment, I only blended up to an 8 in the 45 second long test. Honestly, I didn’t even need to turn it up that high, or blend for the full 45 seconds, to get the results that I got.

After baking, the muffins had a PERFECT muffin texture. It was glorious and so, so yummy.







Experiment # 2 Meal Replacement Collagen Smoothie 

*I followed this recipe without any changes.



For this experiment, I used one of the cups instead of the pitcher. I figured the cups are meant for smoothies and better suited than the pitcher would be. Plus this is how we have been blending our smoothies since we purchased the NINJA.

I started off pulsing the ingredients before turning it to low/med/high. Pulsing seemed to work pretty well and it did ok on low but once I got to medium and high it seemed like it was struggling a little bit to properly move everything around like needed for a good blend.

After some lag, it eventually picked up and start doing better. The end result was fairly good. You could tell it had strawberry in it from the seeds (not the taste). They were not completely blended in. But yes, all in all not bad NINJA! Like the first experiment, it did good enough.



Here I used the “smoothie” preset my model has. Basically it turned on at a 1 then pretty rapidly worked its way up to a 7. It stayed on a 7 for a little while before kicking it up thru 8, 9 and finally 10. It stayed on 10 for a few seconds and then shut off.

Comparing the two (NINJA and VITAMIX) once blended, you actually didn’t see too much of a difference visually. Ninja appeared to be slightly less blended than the Vitamix but in all honesty the visual difference between the two was minimal. The texture however produced a more substantial difference. The Vitamix smoothie was smooth and creamy. It was even richer, in a way. There was no evidence of strawberry seeds, or flecks of spinach. None. Both smoothies were good but this one was extra pleasant to drink.


It should not surprise you that I’m declaring Vitamix the winner.



The Ninja is not bad. It does what you ask it to, well enough to provide you with muffins or a smoothie, but the Vitamix does a better job blending everything together. I mean, it really breaks it down! I have to recognize and applaud them for developing a superior machine.

Both machines are an investment. So which should you go with?

This is where your budget and personal preference come into play. A NINJA performs adequately enough but if you have the budget for a VITAMIX there is a noticeable difference in the quality you will receive. 

Before you make a decision:

1) Know there are other options, like Blendtec for example, that have not been explored in this experiment. 


2) Consider texture. If you or anyone in your family is affected by texture, that should weigh heavily in your decision. The Vitamix delivered a texture on par with what I expected. The smoothie was “smooth” and there was nothing to chew. The muffins were exactly what you would hope for texture wise when eating a muffin. Texture is something that is very important to me. It could make the difference between whether I eat that healthy hulk muffin or that sugar loaded, nutrition free, glazed donut, you know? Lol.

3) Research models and price compare.

Ninja has a fairly wide range of pricing on their models. Will a 1000 watt Ninja Professional for $80.00  perform as well as this 1500 watt model did? I honestly couldn’t tell you.

As I stated earlier, I do believe there are cheaper models Vitamix’s that will do just as well as the 780 tested here. There is a reconditioned C series model on Amazon right now for $279. 


The Vitamix is available at different price points, their product is an investment. But I feel that the higher price tag is well worth the investment in the performance.

The Sum of All These Parts:

Our blender is a tool that we rely on to create a healthier lifestyle for ourselves. It is helping me create a better balance between food groups. I am turned off by most vegetables. I CANNOT STAND any type of leafy greens, but being able to blend my greens into my smoothie and not worry about the stems or veins (which typically make me want to gag) is priceless!

I hope this helps some of you to make a decision you feel comfortable with or reassure you that you made the right decision for your family…regardless of what brand that is.


Tabitha is a wife, mom of 3 kids (3.5, 2.5 and 8 months), and 2 shih-tzus. She grew up on a steady processed food diet and is currently on a journey of change, motivated to teach her children a better way. Each day she strives to do one new thing that will lead toward that goal. Her life, kids, and husband are more than worth it!




  1. Why am I not surprised at the results?? LOL I’ve never used a Ninja, but I have and love a Vitamix 5200. The results I get with my C-series machine are the same as your G-series; buying a reconditioned one is a GREAT way to save money. Presets are not necessary!

  2. I had a Ninja and now I have a Vitamix. For one, the Ninja didn’t have as much room in the container as did the Vitamix. That was a turn off for me. 2nd, the Vitamix just plain did a better job breaking everything down. And I mean everything. Strawberry seeds were broken down, black berry seeds also. The Vitamix kicks butt.

  3. Just read this in 2020. We too, first chose the Ninja thinking that it would do what we wanted, After all it was around $150 (still expensive) whereas the Vitamix was considerably more. We what learned was the the Ninja containers connected to the motor with rubber parts and several times a year they had to be replaced at $22.00 a pop. We made daily smoothies where we either crushed ice first and then added ingredients or put ice cubes in with other smoothies items. The poor NInjas struggled with this. And don’t even think of shredding small chunks of chocolate. After the third Ninja motor burned out, We’d had enough and bought a reconditioned 5200 a couple of years ago. No more parts replacements. and nothing we have thrown at it has even slowed it down. Three Ninjas were more then the price of one brand new Vitamix. In Mexico, there is a saying that applies here, “He who buys cheap, buys often”.

  4. Like many, we started out with a Ninja blender. The fanciest, most powerful model available at the time, but we were so underwhelmed by the results. No matter what we did, everything turned out so grainy much like the muffins above. At the time, a Vitamix was out of our budget, so we purchased a refurbished Blendtec. I tell you what, I am SO happy with my Blendtec and have used it almost daily for 4 years. I’ve seen the videos comparing it and the Vitamix, but I am here to tell you the Blendtec Wildside jar makes all the difference. I even purchased a used Blendtec on marketplace with a standard jar and it didn’t perform nearly as well as the Wildside jar. So if you are looking for an alternative, don’t rule that brand out.

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