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May Monthly Weight Loss Weigh In {Rebecca and Dan}

Happy May Day!!! When I was little we used to pick flowers for my mom, leave them on the doorstep, ring the doorbell and run away!!! She always acted so surprised to receive the beautiful hand picked flowers on May Day! So the month of May always reminds me of Spring flowers!

I’ve been enjoying my garden and planting and extra time in the yard watering to help everything come to life.  I hope you all are enjoying your springtime as well. Here in Southern California we have had some beautiful weather! We just got back from a family weekend at the beach! We had a few little splurges! We did find a couple restaurants in Carlsbad with some very healthy choices. Fresco for lunch and Naked Cafe for breakfast are highly recommended! 

May seems to be the month, in most of my past experiences with weight loss, that my journey has either ended or began to taper off. When you follow fad diets or any diet where you don’t change your eating habits and lifestyle with the intention of a permanent lifestyle change, you are always bound to go back to unhealthy habits. Also, once you start losing some significant weight and start feeling better, looking better and fitting into smaller clothes, the momentum seems to drop off. 

May Monthly Weight Loss Weigh In instantloss.com

Have you found that you are loosing your momentum from your New Years commitment to make 2018 your year to get healthy? Maybe you are adding cheat meals more often? Eating or ordering out more frequently? Snacking more? Drinking less water? Adding sugar or gluten or dairy back in! Indulging in processed foods? 

We’ve all been there! Sometimes you get right back on track, sometimes you feel yucky and sluggish after a bad meal, sometimes you can even feel physically ill. Sometimes you feel no different but you certainly will see a slow down or reversal on the scale. This can lead to frustration, self doubt, guilt, hopelessness, discouragement, or even just giving up and  being resigned to being over weight and unhealthy. I know because I’ve felt it all. 

I want to encourage all of you to stick with it! Or get back to it!! Don’t give up! Last year my quitting month was March!! I literally made it two months before all the compromises hit. Brittany, as you know went on to loose over 100lbs in 2017 and we found ourselves at the beginning of 2018 regretting not sticking to it with her. So don’t find yourself at the beginning of 2019, seeing the positive results of those around you and wishing you had had the will power to stick with it, then finding yourself having to start over, again!

May Monthly Weight Loss Weigh In instantloss.com

We have had our ups and downs in April. We both broke through some plateaus that had lasted quite awhile. So our weight loss for April was actually better that March. We went for our annual physicals in April and had just about every lab test run and EVERYTHING came back “normal.” That’s great right!?!

It just doesn’t explain why Dans weight loss has been so slow this time around and consistently less than mine. Very unusual!! 

We aren’t overly concerned. He is losing slowly and we are heading in the right direction! For us, slow and steady wins the race! Consistency is key!

Dan is having knee surgery this week on Thursday. They will scope it and do a clean up, he will be walking again within a day or two. We are hoping this will alleviate much of his knee pain. It has really kept him from being as active as he would like these last couple months. So we would appreciate all your prayers and good thoughts for his successful surgery. 

Let’s make May our month to get back to it! Or to continue making those good choices one bite at a time! Just think of all the lost pounds we all will celebrate together at the end of this year! Recommit to 2018! Let this be your year!!! 🎉🎉🎉 We can do it!

Here are our numbers for May 1st:

This month Dan lost: 9.2 pounds 

Weighing in at 263.8 he’s lost 35.2 pounds since January 1st!

6.85 inches, 29.5 inches total

This month Rebecca lost: 8.2 pounds

Weighing in at 213.2 she’s lost 36.8 pounds since January 1st!

4 inches 27.25 inches total


  1. You both are looking great ! Good for you for keeping with it this year. Best wishes for Dan’s successful surgery!
    Rebecca …funny how you lost 38.6 both pounds and inches !

  2. Super job on the weight loss and maintaining it. You both look very healthy. Praying for quick recovery on the knee scope. Love you .

  3. YAY both of you! So inspiring and your photos look awesome. Can really see the changes in your bodies! I’ll say prayers for Dan and his surgery. My husband had 2 knee surgeries to repair torn meniscus in both. Very painful and slow recovery for him. Awesome that Dan can be back to walking so quickly. Take the recovery slow. Heal well. Thanks for keeping us updated and sharing!

  4. You’re updates are so encouraging. My progress was great for January then my job got really stressful and I completely stopped losing, thankfully have only gained a few of those pounds back. I have commited Mayas my “regroup” and get back on track. I joined the dietbet to help keep my focus. I have to admit its been really hard to stay focused. Trying to retrain that voice in my head has been my biggest hurdle. My age and past attempts at changing my eating habits are making it tough. BUT I see you and your success and I think its all in my head and I can conquer my fears of failure. I am taking it one day at a time remembering to be patient with myself I didn’t get to be 227 lbs overnight and forming healthy habits that will stick take time. Thank you for being real and giving me hope and encouragement!!

  5. Do you eat the 4 weeks of Instant Loss meal plans over and over again or come up with your own mix and match?

  6. Great update. Thanks for the motivations and Congratualations on your continued success! You are obviously losing!

  7. You look great! You can really see the difference. I bet you can wear clothes you couldn’t before? That’s what’s most exciting for me. These pants zip up now! 😁 Congrats to both of you. Keep up the good work.

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