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March Monthly Weight Loss Weigh In {Rebecca and Dan}

Rebecca and Dan help us welcome March today as they share their monthly weight loss weigh in!

Happy March everyone! Spring is right around the corner. There is just something about spring and things coming back to life! I’m starting to feel a little that way myself and look forward to what this month will bring!

It is rather symbolic to compare how I’m feeling to coming out of winter into springtime as we continue shedding pounds. Our monthly checkin numbers aren’t as impressive as last month. Although nothing can compare to the first month of weight loss, right? It always slows down. But we are still excited to be heading in the right direction, even if it’s slow! Slow and steady wins the race! 

Here are the numbers:

This month Dan lost: 5.7 pounds 

Weighing in at 276.7 he is 22.3 pounds since January 1st!

8.5 inches, 20 inches total

This month Rebecca lost: 9.4 pounds

Weighing in at 224.8 she is 25.2 pounds since January 1st!

2.75 inches 21.75 inches total

Yay for us!

No more tums!!! A few positive effects of eating well and properly nourishing our bodies that we have noticed since we started are better sleep, increased energy, fewer aches and pains, less (almost none), headaches, less bloating and stomach cramping, heartburn gone (I used to chew on tums almost daily before), and less allergy symptoms like post nasal drip, etc. 

Dan’s RA symptoms are a little better but he has still had quite a bit of pain in his joints. In addition, he is suffering from chronic knee pain and we are finally getting an MRI this month. So we will see what that shows.

We traveled this month, of which I posted about the challenges we experienced and learned from. We celebrated Valentine’s Day  this past month in a healthy way and we have had very few splurges throughout this past month. We mostly just eat real food, focusing on portion control. We’ve even gotten out a bit more this month for walks and activity. Slow going though due to some back pain issues this month (for both of us) and the knee and joint pain. This will be something we ramp up in March!

March is a special month for us because we celebrate our anniversary (29th), this month! We are taking a 4 night trip to Mammoth to celebrate!! We are committed to eating healthy even during celebrations and travel. We learned quite a bit about that last month when traveling to Texas! No chips, right?!? 

Confessions for the month: I ate the 3 Cheryl’s cookies I had frozen in the freezer (not all in one sitting), this month. They had been a late Christmas shipment from a dear friend. I had pulled 3 out at the time and froze them and let the kids eat the rest. So they have now been consumed, they are gone now, and so is the temptation. They were delicious little treats though!  I didn’t explode or anything when I indulged. Although, when I consumed the first one I had a very sudden headache afterward. But I also hadn’t had my coffee that day, so I’m not sure if it was a sugar headache or caffeine withdrawal headache. 

My boys bought Girl Scout cookies, but they weren’t a temptation to us at all. I’m very picky when it comes to treats. If I’m going to eat the bad calories…they are going to be worth it! (Hopefully) Haha  Have you ever decided to indulge in something that looked so good and then after tasting it or eating it thought, that wasn’t even worth it? I have, and I try to avoid it by convincing myself that things never taste as good as they look. Distraction or replacement (with something healthy) is still my best coping mechanism. Drinking lots of water can be filling and satisfying and sometimes a hot cup of tea can distract your taste buds away while sipping slowly on some herbal flavors.

Once again, thank you for all the encouragement and wonderful comments you all have given us. The support and accountability in this community is invaluable and a very special kind of “secret ingredient” to our success. We got this! All of us!

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