Let’s Talk TaTa’s: How Extreme Weight Loss Affected my Breasts

Let’s Talk TaTa’s: How Extreme Weight Loss Affected my Breasts

warning: graphic saggy cleavage ahead, don’t read past this point if that will bother you

I receive a lot of emails about excess skin. I totally understand the fascination because I’m fascinated by this aspect of weight loss too.

If I lose the weight what is my body going to look like? What will my tummy and my thighs look like? And of course, what will happen to my breasts??

I lost 125 poundsI’ve shared many times about my thighs and tummy post weight loss and as most of you know I had skin removal surgery and Diastasis Recti (DR) repair on my stomach a month ago. You can read more about that here. 

Abdominoplasty Healing Update W1 instantloss.com

My thighs are still a hot mess and my only option, if I want to tighten the skin, is surgery. I’m not really worried about it though. Unless I’m wearing shorts or a bikini it’s not super noticeable and even then it doesn’t bother me much. My breasts on the other hand, well, they’re just not what they used to be. 

I’ve always had a big chest. I was a D cup by 7th grade. At 260 pounds I was an H cup so I knew that losing weight meant losing boob. I’ve settled into a 32DDD but it’s mostly pushed up folded over skin sag. I get really creative with my pushing and tucking and can pull off a pretty decent bikini top but naked *shiver*, well, it’s just not pretty. 

Let's Talk TaTa's: How Extreme Weight loss Affected my Breasts instantloss.com

I’m still nursing my youngest so if I ever were to do a lift it wouldn’t be for a couple years and even then I’m not entirely sure it’s something I want to do. I definitely do not want implants as many in my family have had some scary experiences and the thought of inserting a foreign object to live inside my body forever creeps me out a little. 

I receive emails weekly asking if I’ve had a boob job or what my secret is to having such amazing boobs after weight loss and I always have a little chuckle to myself. As flattering as those messages are, I feel like you guys deserve a fair and accurate depiction of the state of things in my chestal region. 

Let's Talk TaTa's: How Extreme Weight loss Affected my Breasts instantloss.com
No bra.

My secret is a properly fitting Victoria Secret Full Coverage Bra ya’ll! Go get fitted. It will blow your mind. I wear a Body By Victoria strapless and their Full Coverage for under t-shirts. Victoria makes me look goooood. I don’t wear anything else. (This is totally not endorsed by VS btw, just my truth). 


I was also fortunate enough not to lose ALL of my boobs. I think genetics helped a bit with that and the fact that I’m still breastfeeding. I’m sure I’ll probably lose another size or two once that ends. 

At 170 pounds I was really happy with the way my boobs were looking but when I hit the 140’s they really began to deflate and the 130’s? Forget about it. Bye bye boobs. I’d like to say it doesn’t bother me at all but it does. Especially during sex. 

My breasts were always one of my best features. I never had to struggle with feeling like they weren’t big enough, or oddly shaped, it was the one area I felt really confident about when I was overweight but now it’s probably one of the top two things I’m most insecure about on my body. 

Let's Talk TaTa's: How Extreme Weight loss Affected my Breasts instantloss.com

Moral of the story? Don’t believe everything you see on the internet. Just because a person takes a good picture doesn’t mean they’ve got it all together. I’ve got stretch marks, cellulite, saggy skin, and jiggle just like everyone else. 🙂 I’ve had lots of babies, gained and lost lots of weight, and my body tells that story. I share all this because I want you to know that YOU’RE NORMAL!

I’m just like you. And for every hundred words a picture tells there’s a million that it’s hiding. 😉

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    1. I had a number of the same surgeries to firm up after I lost weight 10 years prior. Problem was that the doctor did the dummy truck by pulling my whole abdomen and chest down near my pubic area. On my breast eh did not create new pockets for what was left of my breast. As a result I ended up with the most beautiful breast alined on my stomach and not my upper cheat where they should be. Wearing bras that ran across my stomach instead of my sternum, gave me frequent heart burn. So I began to eat often after having the weight off over 10 years. I would go back to my doctor about the issue, but he cried BS and would not fix the problem. So now, in my two years since my breast surgery I have put on over 70 lbs. I am nearly right back to where I was before my gastric bypass twelve years ago.

  1. Britanny, you are so REAL! Thank you for being so honest and generous. Your success at healing your body is only magnified by the joy that is reflected by you to the world. May you know all the love today that can only fill your heart with each child you have held within it. Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Thanks so much for posting about this!
    I did the muscle repair for my abdomen, but a breast lift involves removing and then replacing the nipples–do I have that right? Yeah, I’ve decided to leave that area as is, with sensation intact TYVM!

    1. not necessarily. I’ve had a lift procedure and the nipple was left attached and the doctor used a “lollipop” incision. My only visible (barely and only because I know its there) is a straight line from the nipple to the bottom of each breast. you can YouTube the surgery and watch how it is performed. Best of luck!!!

    2. I had a tummy tuck to remove excess skin and a breast reduction at the same time😩 My nipples were resized, reattached, and after a week, I couldn’t even tell anything was done. You couldn’t even see incision marks!! No difference in the sensation for me either.

      1. Please tell me who your surgeon was. I have struggled with my breast for years due to weight loss and not being really prepared for them when I was younger.

  3. Your honesty means so much to me. Sometimes I wonder how I’d look like if I were to lose a lot of weight and if I could finally get rid of my ginormous boobs(38H), but then I see the truth behind it all when women like you are able to be real and honest in life. It’s funny because I love and hate my boobs. Like you, at my size…it may be my only good asset. So…maybe for now…I’ll be ok with the size I am and still work on getting healthier with the foods I chose. But perhaps maybe…losing a ton of weight isn’t totally necessary for me to be happy in life. Maybe. Thanks for sharing again and yes…you are beautiful and amazing no matter the weight you are! You’ve done an incredible job losing your weight, while inspiring so many to eat real, good, genuine food. Keep it up Brittany!

    1. I know I’m late, but we are (or hopefully were) boob twins! I’m super scared but at least I know the truth, plus hubby says he doesn’t mind a little granny boob :D.

  4. Thank you for this post. I love that you love your body for the beautiful family it has given you. The changing of my mindset is sometimes harder than changing the numbers on the scale. Keep on keeping it real! Kathy

  5. I love this!!! Thank you for sharing this personal but real aspect to losing so much weight!!! Your incredible! ❤️

  6. YOU are the BEST!!! Love love love your honesty & it is more motivational than you probably think! So many of us out there are following you & having success because of you & your honesty. Thank you!!!

  7. Awesome post! You made it not scary to lose weight, I know what’s going to happen and it’s still beautiful, motherhood will always be a part of my body and I love that, but I’ll also be able to fit into clothes I love and be able to be actI’ve. Win win

  8. Thank you for honestly sharing with all of us! I can’t tell you how much better I feel, that I am not alone.
    You look awesome!!

  9. This is the only thing I’m dreading about losing the weight. My full 34Gs. They’re gonna look like two deflated water balloons, hanging down to my bellybutton lol.

  10. As the comments have already said it, thank you for being you and sharing your life with us all. Your such a real person and we all appreciate it!!!

  11. Thank you for posting this! There are so many women who post pics and they look perfect. As a mom in her forties it is hard to live up to certain expectations.

  12. Thank you for being authentic. Your transparency is so beautiful. Whether weight loss is involved or not, surface beauty fades and disappears. My grandmother was a stunningly beautiful women in her youth, like “Whoa!” When she passed away in her late 80s she was a wrinkled, scarred version of what she once was. But until the day she passed away she still walked like she had movie star looks and was still the loving, kind and wise woman she always was. The surface lies, it tells us a tall tale and convinces is we need “fixed”. The heart, our actions, how we treat others, that is the truth. I don’t want to sound cliché, but you are a beautiful woman because you allow your heart to shine and you are genuine. Thank you.

  13. You are amazing and thanks for being real with all of us. If more women had the courage to tell their truth, so many wouldn’t be killing themselves to look like magazine models who are probably still dealing with or have dealt with the same things. THIS is what real beauty looks like. Thank you for being honest and letting your body share the story of the blessing of having been able to create a family.

  14. You are such a positive, happy and bubbly person! And you are also grounded and down to earth, realistic! You are a beautiful young lady and being healthy is and should be the most important thing but, as all of us, we have a little vanity engraved in our genes 🤣I know I do!! So we want to feel and look good inside and out. You go for it! In the Botched TV show with two plastic surgeons that correct bad surgeries or problems such as this one and they showed and explained a women who didn’t want implants but was so saggy that it was almost impossible. She thought all hope was lost. I know most doctors prefer to put implants cause it does their work for them (well kind of) but there are physicians that reconstruct your breast by lifting them, eliminating excess skin and positioning your side muscles in a way that you have pretty firm and lifted breast. Of course they will not be big, but maybe you should look for that option and someone that performs it. I am following you caused I lost 60 lbs but gained them back. You are an inspiration! I wish you luck and May self as well 🤗

  15. You are such a positive, happy and bubbly person! And you are also grounded and down to earth, realistic! You are a beautiful young lady and being healthy is and should be the most important thing but, as all of us, we have a little vanity engraved in our genes 🤣I know I do!! So we want to feel and look good inside and out. You go for it! In the Botched TV show with two plastic surgeons that correct bad surgeries or problems such as this one and they showed and explained a women who didn’t want implants but was so saggy that it was almost impossible. She thought all hope was lost. I know most doctors prefer to put implants cause it does their work for them (well kind of) but there are physicians that reconstruct your breast by lifting them, eliminating excess skin and positioning your side muscles in a way that you have pretty firm and lifted breast. Of course they will not be big, but maybe you should look for that option and someone that performs it. I am following you caused I lost 60 lbs but gained them back. You are an inspiration! I wish you luck and My self as well 🤗

  16. I absolutely adore your honesty. And I love that you’re taking a real look at the real effects of losing so much weight and sharing the things you’re doing to mitigate those effects, whether surgical or otherwise. You’re definitely an inspiration!

  17. Thank for sharing! I know this to be true…I always lose weight from the top down. It is so important to love who we are! Having good character makes a person beautiful from the inside out and you can always “paint on” a pretty cover.

  18. Love this! I’ve delt with similar outcome through my health and wellness journey. I now feel like I have NO BOOBS LEFT! LOL… But at this point I’m proud of the story my body tells , and my husband says : “I’m still sexy to him and that’s all that matters!!! Hehe… This is such an untalked about but so great encouragement Brittany!!! Go girl!!!…

  19. It is difficult for me to believe that you could do such a good job with your breasts that they even look terrific in a bathing suit ! How do you do it !? There is not much fabric coverage in a 2 piece suit ! You are a magician, among so many other positive things!

  20. Thank you, Britany! You’ve done something for all of us that I don’t know if I would have had the courage to do!

    I love that you are at a place of acceptance and peace with your body. I’m still working on it! 🙂
    As women, our breasts seem to define us, to society and ourselves. I know this is a question we’ve all had when it comes to weight loss. Like you, I feel like my breasts are one of my best assets, but after reading this I’ve changed my mind completely about my weight loss fears! I’m saying the heck with my fear! I’d rather get healthy, feel better and not have all these weight-related aches and pains than die early with a nice set of tapas! LOL I really appreciate you posting this and being so honest with us! We women need to look out for each other and be here for each other a lot more, and you are a beacon of light for us all!

  21. You are such an inspiration! I am so honored that you share the realities of life without sugar coating everything. Thank you.

  22. Brittany, thank you for your refreshing honesty. I don’t know if this will help with sagging skin, but I’ve had amazing results with lifting and shaping and bringing the breast tissue from under the arms forward with the Callanetics abs exercises. They claim to tighten everything from pubic bone to double chin and I got fabulous results with them. And if you decide on a breast lift there is a doctor in TX Dr. Horndeski who has a method of lifting without scarring and he uses your own tissue, so no implants. He does absolutely beautiful work. Good luck on your journey.

  23. Amazing reading. Thank you for bearing it all to help the rest of us. It is beyond our understanding before/during our weight loss undertaking no matter what doctors and research tells us. God bless you on your continued journey. I have read your journey for some time, but not paying too much attention. I am ready now mentally to peruse my weight loss of 60 pounds.

  24. Love love love your honesty. I was a 36DD during my teen years of being overweight/borderline obese and lost 40lbs entering adulthood through the good old diet and exercise. However, now my boobs are barely a full 34c and all that loose skin and sagging takes a toll on my confidence as a mere 22yo childless gal. My bf calls the extra breast skin and stretchmarks “battle scars” and they don’t seem to bother him so I guess they shouldn’t bother me. I’m learning to accept my new body for what it is and to ensure I never head back to that weight again. 🙂

  25. I lost 81 lbs and was always a small chested person but gained so much weight in my chest.

    Crazy but I was just fitted for a VS T-shirt bra today and I thought I was going to be a 34c and she put me in a 32 DDD like you! My breasts have stretch marks and no volume up top. It’s the thing I feel worst about and I never loved my chest to begin with.

    I’m single now but it freaks me out to think of being with a new man. I feel so much guilt for gaining the weight at all and look what I did to my body. I feel ashamed.

    Thanks for your honesty.

  26. This was so incredibly heartwarming to read. As another post said thank you for your transparency! I am struggling with the what if scenario in my head right now as I have always been very heavy chested. Thank you for your honesty!

  27. Brittany, I have learned SO much from you in the last week looking g over your blog and FB page!. Our stories are very similar (minus having children-I have never been able to), and my (200th+???) attempt to get back on my weigh loss/health journey is starting with your Instant Loss Cookbook I just purchased after seeing you on the Today Show this week 😊 I just wanted to offer my extra skin story (have kept off 50lbs for 10 years – I was just over 300lbs at one point) and I discovered Emu oil for my skin. I lived in upper Washington state 10 years ago, and discovered many natural products that were helping me (certain essential oils, foods, etc). I purchase directly from the Montanaemuranch.com site and their products can be found now in many local retail stores too. It is a staple in my medicine cabinet and the elasticity of my skin has naturally bounced back to a great degree (the only exercising I have been doing in Zumba 1x/week) and I am 48 years old btw! I am taking my before pics this weekend and hope to share (finally with confidence!!) my “after” pics in the very near future!! Thank you and Blessings for your courage and bravery in sharing your story to help so many of us who have felt defeated and hopeless when it comes to taking back our health and overcoming this mountain in our lives!!!
    xoxo, Tracy

  28. I’ve just stumbled upon this post. I had VSG 12/6/18 & as I’m so excited to be losing weight I was in love with my 40H breasts. They were my identity. I’m now finding myself depressed because my once voluminous, very large breasts are now ‘deflated’ & if someone points it out I literally excuse myself and cry! I’ve been very big (breast) since 7th grade, no matter my weight my breasts were there. I’d gain, they’d grow, I’d lose & only the band size went down never cup or volume. I’m absolutely devastated.

  29. As a 19 year old girl who dresses up with friends and wants to look like other 19 year olds, this made me so happy to see. I have always felt something was wrong with me and my chest, and I hated my body and how I still can’t get into a relationship because I am insecure about my chest mainly. But to see all these people who understand, and your pictures!!!! The pictures almost made me cry because it made me realize I am not alone. I am so thankful.

    1. Oh sweetie, your post made me cry! It’s so hard to be young, and not feel like other women, especially when there is such an idealized notion of beauty out there. I am glad that you are embracing you for being you, and it sounds like you have a tremendous heart. No doubt you will help others to feel confident too. I too had this trouble as a young woman (I had my first baby at 20, which started my horrible deflatebreast journey), and it’s been extremely hard. It doesn’t help that I have a sister who has huge boobs, at least in comparison to me. It doesn’t seem fair, lol. However reading these posts, and the blog, has given me confidence and I am going to learn to be accepting of what God gave me. Best wishes to you!

  30. I’m So happy I found this article… I too always liked my breasts before weight loss. They were the one thing I had going for me. I wanted to firm up my body though and feel confident this summer so I actually started working out at the gym. I got toned and lost weight and never even thought about my boobs during the process. They are just gone now. Something that should have made me feel happier and healthier with the rest of my body, now has me hiding my flatter/saggy chest. Maybe it’s time I get my butt to a Victoria’s Secret. 🙂 Or Maybe not care so much what the Men in the world are thinking since, being healthier is more important anyways 🙂

  31. Thanks for this. Ive been trawlling the net trying to find pics that are similar to whats going on with me (my breasts were always pretty decent then after birth went up to and over an E cup and now completetly empty and saggy now but theres so much skin and my breasts are wide so I still use a DD cup but a much smaller back size. Anyway I feel same about getting surgery on them as I think I just need to work on my attitude towards my body instead.

  32. Thank you I lost 60lbs and had this exact issue. My breasts were huge 38H and I’ve always wanted a reduction. I finished nursing my son and my plan was always to get a reduction. I started my weightloss and rapidly lost my boobs which was awesome it was always my dream but they ended up a 32 DDD of rolling skin exactly like your pictures. I felt amazing about my new body but….my boobs 😭 they were severely deflated and wrinkly skin. I still decided to look into a reduction. I live in Canada so it is covered through healthcare I was so nervous I knew I likely wouldn’t be getting it done through healthcare and I also couldn’t afford it. I was probably a C cup in reality. I had my apt and I was actually approved I had the surgery one year ago best decision of my life but I as well and not going to lie they aren’t perfect. I can’t complain they are so much better then they were which I’m thankful for and I wont complain one bit about it but I still have the terrible wrinkles on top and when I bend over they look 80 years old. So there’s a different perspective for you that they still may not be perfect. Although I can’t afford it I’ve considered a small implant but reality is I can’t afford it so I just need to be comfortable with what I have

    1. I went from a full D to a small B in my early 20s with a dramatic weight loss. Obviously the B cups I was left with were not perky, and I felt like they looked like a skinny 80 year old’s breasts which bothered me as I was still so young. Over the years I have learned to accept nature will take its course, whether its a weight loss, weight gain, childbirth or just plain aging. I have learned to accept no one is perfect and am happy with the fact that I lost weight, and became fit and healthy rather than continuing to gain. A healthy diet left me with thicker hair, clear skin, and the ability to comfortably wear a size 4-6 pants. That is more than I could have asked for when I was 185 lbs at 5 feet. 🙂

  33. Thank you for ebing so honest and sharing ALL of your journey. There’s something very comforting and reassuring to know that, others struggle with similar issues/concerns. Also, I love your positive attitude!

  34. I too want to thank you for keeping it real. I have a similar situation but it was due to three pregnancies and seven years of breastfeeding. I really wish someone would create a lingerie line for women who have “underfilled” breasts.

  35. I have the exact same issue. After losing a hundred lbs coming from a 42HH to a 36DD was surprising to me. That was my biggest fear with losing weight, the after affects. I went from one extreme to the other in my opinion. I was self conscious when I was 100 lbs over weight, now I have loose skin every where and I’m even more self conscious. Because a breast lift is considered cosmetic it’s not covered by most insurance companies. So your stuck with it until your financially capable of paying for it. It’s comforting to know someone knows exactly how I feel and what I’m going thru physically.

  36. You are real, open, beautiful and a true inspiration to women of all shapes and sizes. I just found this site and really enjoy it. Thank you for sharing your story with such honesty and openness. It allows myself and other women to not only feel inspired to lose weight and love ourselves but also see that not everything is what it seems and even though someone may look perfect and appear to have the perfect life, they aren’t and they don’t. Thank You.

  37. Thank you so much, I truly appreciate your honesty! I recently lost almost 90 lbs from having a vitamin B1 deficiency & am dealing w/ the combined effects of saggy skin everywhere along w/ already having a connective tissue disorder. I was so ill that my body started consuming my muscle tissue as well as my fat. I am in PT rebuilding my strength & also finally learning to take better care of myself w/ exercise. It is so refreshing to actually enjoy working out- even if it is making me hurt since I have the CTD, I’m able to fight through it, & am able to feel & see a difference in myself. I used to be a 42DDD, but as of now I’m wearing a 42D- although the only reason my band size is the same is b/c I used to wear my bras too tight & now I have a band of left over squishy skin on my sides & back, but as you pointed out, what’s left is a lot of extra that I shove & smooth into looking like I still have decent breasts. I also have 2 folds of loose skin on my stomach- I was also bad about wearing my pants too tight when I was a teenager, so the middle of my stomach folds at my belly button, & then my lower abdomen fell, too. My thighs are thin until I sit down besides the extra skin where my inner thigh fat was, but as soon as there’s a surface against them, they flatten out to look twice the size that they really are now. I wise I could afford to get all the extra taken away, but I would have to seriously think it through b/c of my having a CTD since stitches like to work their way out of me & also b/c I have Koebner phenomenon that causes psoriasis- basically if I injure my skin, I at times develop psoriasis on the injury after it heals since psoriasis is an autoimmune issue that makes your skin send excessive new skin cells b/c it thinks you have an injury where it is attacking, so if I actually have an injury, my skin freaks out. So idk if it’d truly be worth it for me just to be smoother w/ all the complications it could cause me. I am trying my best to firm up now w/ a combination of exercise, firming lotion, & hyaluronic acid supplements. Congrats to everyone on their paths to being healthier- & don’t worry about the awkward side effects of weight loss b/c the gains in your life from it are worth it all!

  38. I know this is old, but I appreciate this so much! I’ve lost 30 going on 40lbs, and although I love my body now, I have noticed my boobs have significantly gotten smaller. They’re not tiny, just not “huge” like before, and no one talks about the loose skin! I knew they would get smaller, but definitely wasn’t prepared for the “wrinkling effect” on the area. Thank you for being so open! There’s just something about the “glamour” of social media, especially with weight loss that makes the process seem as if your body magically “snaps into a perfectly tight form.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m only 21, and this has only happened to my boobs, so there is truth to age and skin elasticity, but there’s some parts of our bodies(boobs) that aren’t that elastic and are actually quite hard to “tone”!

  39. I entirely thought you just got a great boobie updo! Your real-ness it what makes you so inspiring. I genuinely appreciate that/

  40. Thank you for this!! I am a little different in that I was never really big, that is all over. However, when I was pregnant with my first child I went from an A cup to a DD and had stretch marks all over my breasts. My stomach never got one, but up top was a mess! Then when my milk came in, OMG, I looked, seriously, like I had two footballs on my chest. The nurse remarked that I had enough milk for the whole nursery. Now, of course, I am paying for that! I want to be in shape, and look nice, but whenever I lose weight (I am about 40 lbs over what I should be) my breasts not only shrink, they become hanging, crepy, empty bags. It is awful, and extremely distressing! I actually purposely gained back some weight after losing it all a couple of years ago. I just couldn’t stand it! I actually wouldn’t mind that they’re small, if they weren’t so extremely saggy. To be honest…when I lose weight, if I lift up my arms, my breasts have folds, like draperies! Extremely distressing, and it makes me feel like less of a woman. So to find this post, and to know that I’m not alone, and that there is a sisterhood here, helps a LOT! Oh yes, does anyone else hate to get a mammo for this reason? I hate to admit that it gives me a huge amount of distress, when my breasts are like that. Sigh. I will try to have a new mindset. You look GREAT, and I am feeling inspired to lose weight again, and be happy–or at least accepting–of how my breasts are. After all, they fed three hungry babies, so they did their work! I am going to bookmark this page for when I’m feeling down about it. Thanks immensely!

  41. I’ve been trying to find a bra that will actually provide some support and be able to bend over without the excess breast skin falling out of the bra, and causing a uni-boob look ( which is very embarrasing if I’m out in oublic.)
    When looking at your pictures I immediately related, as my body pretty much looks the same. I lost 180# after my GBS, and whats left is a body to ashamed to get naked with anyone. When I lay down what’s left of my breasts fall to the side leaving the look of someone who is flat chested. I have never had a bra fitting so I guess that’s where I’ll begin. Thank you for being open, a d candid with your story!

  42. You’re such an inspiration. My stomach. It’s not the same as it used to be from bringing two beautiful little girls into the world. Bathing suit season is a nightmare and I dread putting on a bathing suit and going to the beach. Let alone shorts bc my legs are not as tight and cellulite, stretch Marks. I too was pretty thick and lost a lot of weight and now I have what I refer to as anorexic boobs. Beautiful and perky straight on. But if I bend over they deflate like two balloons. I have been doing a lot more chest exercises and it seems to have helped a lot. Working out and lots of lotion. Organic oils and exfoliating, lots and lots of exfoliating.

  43. Can you please do a post on the strapless bra? I find it IMPOSSIBLE to get a strapless bra to support me! Thank you

  44. I am happy that posts like this are on the internet, because they give REALISTIC images of a woman’s body. I had a smaller cup size, 32B up until I gained 65 pounds. Then…they grew into 38D’s. I wasn’t sure if I had late development, or if it was just the excess weight. I went from 110 to 175 in 2 years…(I’m 5 feet btw so it appeared to be a lot)

    Then, a couple of years later, I decided it was time to lose weight. I changed my diet, and became quite active. Funny thing is my breasts were the FIRST place I lost weight. I remember thinking I would shrink to a 34C at the most…but I shrank right back down to where I started, 32B! I was very happy with the weight loss overall, but my breasts became super saggy and wrinkled as a result of the weight loss. I tried chest presses to “firm things up,” but they didn’t help. My legs sag quite a bit as well, and my tummy to an extent

    I contemplated surgery, but decided against it, I’m happy with the rest of my body and that is what is most important. It’s unrealistic to expect that the body is not going to sag with a dramatic weight loss.
    You look fantastic btw!

  45. Thank you for sharing this. I’m not even a mother, nor did I ever have a big chest, but I’ve lost 63 lb. and my small boobs got smaller and deflated :(. I’m struggling so much with this!! I know it’s not too bad and could look worse, but it’s still in my head and I hate the way they look. It also affects me in sex! I feel embarrassed by the way that they look. Hopefully I can get over it, but thank yo use much for sharing; truly appreciated!

  46. Thank you for this article and confirming my body is normal. I went from 220-135 (but am at about 145 5 months pp after my third kid/second pregnancy) and my breasts are exactly like yours. I was a G when I was heavy and am at a DDD now breastfeeding, but was a D before pregnancy. My thighs and tummy look so similar too. I always thought I did something wrong because most people don’t appear to have this issue. I’d never undergo unnecessary surgery as every surgery has risks. I could get lifelong consequences, or it could end up being botched and look even worse. So I have to learn to love this body. Or not. Either way, I’m stuck with it. And this article helped my journey with being okay with that.

  47. Thanks for this, i’m getting close to losing 100 lbs and at 28 the way my boobs were making me downright depresssed- this article really gave me some closure

  48. THANK YOU for this!!! I’m 21 and in 2020 I lost 20kg and my boobs were also one of my best features and thy still are but they became pretty saggy and wrinkly at times.. I was so worried and insecure but by reading your article it made me realize it’s normal and part of the journey. Honestly, THANK YOU! I’ve navigates all the internet and you’re really the only person who talks so honestly and directly about this issue.

  49. I can’t even tell you how much I appreciated this posting! I literally just Googled “I lost my boobs after weight loss” and this came up.

    Your photos speak to me! I have lost 123 lbs over the past 14 months and after an unfortunate lonnnnnng look in the mirror last night, started to really get depressed at my skin sacs that used to be my beautiful breasts.

    It even made me consider gaining the weight back. (I know I’m finally at a healthy BMI now, and that would be ridiculous. But as you said, my boobs were one of physical traits that made me feel the most confident.)

    I don’t think I could ever go through with surgery (and haven’t considered skin removal surgery yet) but I am just so happy you’re keeping it real. I feel absolutely horrified at the thought of being naked in front of my boyfriend and what he thinks of my post-weight loss boobs.

  50. I also lost 85 lbs since 2018 (so 3 years now). I’m having the same problem even though I don’t breastfeed. Thanks for this post!

  51. Thank you so much for this article. I just lost 80lbs in a matter of a year (roughly 70 of it happened in a span of 6 months.) Happened after having my baby and being sick with h pylori. Threw me into a crohn’s flare, and here I am, almost 100lbs. I lost most of my boobs. My skin is crinkled and I can’t find s bra that’s comfortable (or that’ll keep my boobs in place.) I have to fold them in. It’s painful and depressing. I may need to resort to surgery. Ugh.

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