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April Monthly Weight Loss Weigh In {Rebecca and Dan}

Happy Easter! Happy Spring! Happy April Fools Day! Happy April to all!

Quick check in and monthly weigh in update:

March was a struggle! I gained a small amount of weight while we were out of town for our anniversary. It took me an entire week after that to get back to where I was at the beginning of the month. Then I had a small setback…ice cream and jelly beans may have been involved!!! So my weight fluctuated up and down that week. I got back on track after that and then my “time of the month” hit!

April Monthly Weight Loss Weigh In {Rebecca and Dan} instantloss.com

Overall for the month I did loose weight, but not a lot. I’m ok losing weight slow, I know I’m headed in the right direction and that’s what’s important! It’s a marathon not a sprint! 

Rebecca and Dan Monthly Weigh In instantloss.com

For Dan, he has had a rough time getting the weight off! For the first time ever, my weight loss has actually surpassed his consistently. He isn’t cheating, he is eating right. So it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

He is frustrated but not enough to give up! We both have annual physicals in April, so we will have our doctor check into what could be hindering his progress. Does anyone have suggestions on lab work that we should ask her to check? 

Rebecca and Dan Monthly Weigh In instantloss.com

Update on his knee: Dan will have his knee scoped in May. It is an outpatient procedure and he should be back to work within a week. 

April Monthly Weight Loss Weigh In {Rebecca and Dan} instantloss.com

I hope you all are feeling strong, encouraged and seeing success on and off the scale!! Here’s to a successful April! 

Here are the numbers:

This month Dan lost: 3.7 pounds 

Weighing in at 273 he’s lost 26 pounds since January 1st!

2.75 inches, 22.75 inches total

This month Rebecca lost: 3.4 pounds

Weighing in at 221.4 she’s lost 28.6 pounds since January 1st!

1.5 inches 23.25 inches total


  1. Hi, as far as lab work for your check-up I would ask about thyroid numbers. This was huge for me. Several years ago I lost 60 lbs. after going on it. Then when I lost my insurance and couldn’t afford the medical visits I gained it back. Even if your numbers are in the low normal range your body may need more. Do some homework and state your case to your medical professional. For me Thyroid meds’ make a huge difference in my energy and ability to focus. I’m just now back on it. Fingers crossed (: Good luck and keep up the good work. It great you are doing this as a couple.

    1. I agree. Definitely go by inches as well. The scale can be very deceiving. You both look like you’re doing great!!! Dan losing 2.75 inches this month is fabulous progress! He may not need any additional tests from the doctor.

  2. I can see the weight/fat loss on Dan! It’s in different spots. Legs, belly, and a bit of the neck/face!

    Ask the doctor if Dan might have thyroid issues, like hypothyroid (it can make you struggle with weight loss in some cases).

    Make sure to swear off sodas (including DIET or Sugar-free) and massively up the water intake. Better to pee a lot than be dehydrated!

    Don’t give up, you two! Especially Dan. I can see where he’s lost it in the side view pics.

  3. For Dan, I might check thyroid levels, iron levels, do a complete blood (CBC) panel to get a good picture. Also, not sure how or if they’re tracking food, but it might be helpful to play around with macronutrients for Dan. Some people need more carbs or protein or fat and adjusting the levels of these in the diet can make a difference. It also make be a stall and the weight is just hanging out because the body is in shock and is holding on thinking there’s going to some kind of famine. Good Luck and keep up the hard work!!

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