Weight Loss Weigh In {July}

This month was hard ya’ll. We had lots of visitors all month long. I got sucked into a vicious cycle of skipping meals and not eating enough or going out and eating way too much. Old patterns snuck their way back in, snacking a lot after dinnertime with friends, cleaning up my kiddos plates after I was already full, not drinking enough water. So naughty! 

I quickly hit 142lbs at the beginning of the month.. Then I yo-yo’ed the rest of the month. I’d snack too much after dinner, mind you these were healthy snacks but my portion sizes were out of control. I’d jump up to 145, then I’d eat really well for a few days, and get back down to 142. Then I’d go out to dinner with friends and eat everyones leftover french fries and pop back up to 145, rinse and repeat. 

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There was a little bit of frustration that began to seep in because I can see myself breaking the 140’s and it excites me a little to think about getting to the 130’s. But those are just numbers, I’m totally comfortable where I’m at right now. I absolutely love the way my clothes are fitting. I’m a solid size 6. If I don’t lose another pound I’d be totally content with that.


I went clothes shopping with my mom the other day and smalls and extra smalls were the only sizes that fit. It’s totally crazy, I feel like the universe is playing a trick on me and tagged all of the XL clothing with XS tags. Body image is so mental.

I’m following the 90/10 rule right now. I eat about 90% good and 10% of what I consume is not super ideal. I feel like I’m managing things really well. I’m 100% confident that I will be able to continue this way for the rest of my life and can honestly say I don’t miss the way we ate before. Food tastes yummier, and I feel better physically and mentally, who doesn’t want that?

Alright! Here is the monthly tally, I started this journey in January at 212lbs:

January 2017- 19lbs lost
February 2017- 7lbs lost
March 2017- 14lbs lost
April 2017- 12lbs lost
May 2017- 7lbs lost
June 2017- 6lbs lost
July 2017- 5lbs lost

I’ve lost a total of 70lbs since January 2017!! Which completely amazes me!

My highest weight ever was 260lbs, I weigh 118lbs LESS than that now! I am so proud of myself! 

To read more about what I’m eating click here! For tips to help get you started click here! 



  1. I AM SO INSPIRED BY YOU! I joined your DietBet on a whim and didn’t know you had a website/blog. This is seriously so amazing and inspiring. Thank you!

  2. Wow, I’m so inspired by your diligence and success. I’m going to try it, but giving up the dairy, ugh, I love, love love cheese. And the sugar! I’m a diabetic but only on oral medication for it. I’ll keep you posted on when I start. Thank you for sharing your story.

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