From Size 20 to Size 8: A LuLaRoe Review

From Size 20 to Size 8: A LuLaRoe Review

In April of 2016 I was a size 20. I was recovering from my fourth c-section, nothing fit, and my self-esteem was at an all time low.

A friend mentioned LuLaRoe and how they have comfortable pieces of clothing for all sizes but I was at a point where I refused to invest any more money in XXL size clothing. So I added it to the “things I’d like to wear when I get skinny” file. (You know the one.) 

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LuLaRoe One Size Leggings and an XS Classic T

My friend, knowing me better than I know myself at times, showed up at my door with two pieces of LuLaRoe; a maxi skirt and a pair of leggings. Right off the bat I was very impressed with the quality of the pieces and even more impressed with the fact that they fit, held in my postpartum tummy, were super comfy, and the tags didn’t read XXL which boosted my self confidence. The skirt was a large and the leggings were one size fits all! 

That’s all it took. I was hooked. All of their pieces were conservative, flattering, breastfeeding friendly, and most importantly they made me feel confident in the midst of a very vulnerable time. My biggest concern was that I would invest in these pieces of clothing, lose weight, and have to give all of it away.
  LuLaRoe XS Perfect T

This is what makes LuLaRoe so special. 

Their clothing is designed to fit a variety of different body types. I was an x-small to medium in LuLaRoe tops when I was 250lbs and those same tops still look amazing at 150lbs! Don’t ask me how they do it, I feel like they sprinkle it with a bit of magic. I’ve literally had to give away everything else in my closet BUT my LuLaRoe. 

   LuLaRoe XS Carly

I went from a size 20 to a size 8 in less than a year, buying all of those in between sizes would have killed my pocket book but my 250lb LuLaRoe stash still looks fantastic at 150lbs. 

This is a must have clothing line if you’re on a weight loss journey and a budget. 

   LuLaRoe M Perfect T


These are three of the consultants that I do most of my purchasing from. They are honest, hilarious, and they always have great inventory:
LuLaRoe Liz&Heather- They have free shipping.
LuLaRoe Krysta&Linda- A mother/daughter team who do lots of giveaways.
LuLaRoe Samantha Guidry- A teacher, mama, and a LuLaRoe Consultant!

For more information about what my diet is like and how I lost the weight so quickly, click here!





  1. I love your honesty. From your feelings to your fears. Your eating habits do’s and don’ts, but most of all your transparency of being a normal Mom, with genuine Day to day struggles. I love ❤️ your recipes, and I can’t wait to see if I have something in my inbox from you. You inspire mend I am sure many more like me. Keep posting, sharing, and making each day a new one.. PS I love ❤️ my lularoe clothes.. as you stated their line fits you just the way you are..

  2. Love this!! Lularoe has helped me find my spark, and I can’t wait to fit into even smaller sizes in my favorite styles! I’d love to share this post 🙂 <3

  3. Incredible post!!! I’m a new follower and already have my ingredients in my Amazon cart!!! You have inspired me to FINALLY take care of myself!!! I’m doing it thru opposite of this pay though. Lol. I found LLR about a year ago and gained confidence in myself I never knew was possible. So much so that I started SELLING it.:) and now I’m ready to go down in weight and feel even more confident while feeling comfortable!!!! 🙂

  4. Found you on the Instant Pot FB page! I’m totally sharing this with my group tomorrow for Motivation Monday. Thank you for being awesome!
    xoxo, Sierra – LuLaRoe in the City

  5. I’m not sure whether I already commented. But I love this post. It’s one reason why I buy LuLaRoe. I do swear that there is some magic to them so that they’re still cute even after I’ve lost 50#.

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