Holiday Shopping Guide For The Hostess

‘Tis the season!  I am so excited to launch my first shopping guide this season, the ultimate holiday shopping guide for the hostess! As you prepare to attend many holiday parties, it is customary to bring the hostess a little something. 

Most people opt to bring a bottle of wine, dessert or some form of food.  While I usually bring something edible, I love bringing the hostess something they can enjoy all year long! 

Here are just a few of my top favorite items to bring along with me.  

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Bread Board

Please any hostess with this perfect bread board!  I have found most people don’t actually own a bread board so this is always a great gift that they are sure to love all year long.

Drink Dispenser

When attending parties there are obviously always drinks to go around.  Give you hostess the perfect gift to use to serve up her favorite party punch.

Bowl Set

A kitchen can never have enough bowls.  This is the perfect gift for the hostess that loves a uniform table setting because they go with everything.

Glass Pitcher

Any hostess needs a glass pitcher to serve up eggnog!  This glass pitcher will be the perfect gift for the hostess to use year round at every party.


When the party dies down and clean up begins this diffuser will help keep the house smelling amazing.  Bonus points too because you can add oils to your diffuser to keep your family healthy during the Winter months. 

Cookbook Holder

This is the perfect gift for your friends who love to cook!  I use mine all the time during mealtime.  

Flour Sac Towels

These are the best towels to have in your kitchen!  Anyone you gift these too will be sure to use them constantly int their kitchen. 

Bamboo Utensils

This bamboo utensil set is perfect for anyone plus they are safe to use in any pot or pan!

Cast Iron Tea Pot

This one is for the hostess that has everything!  This tea pot is sure to be a hit during the cooler months. Plus they are sure to invite you back over to gossip over a cup of tea.

Amazon Echo

Want to be the ultimate party guest?  Bring this and keep the party going all night long!

Instant Loss Cookbook

Would this list be complete without this cookbook?  If you want to get your hostess the ultimate gift this is one they will never stop using. 

Serving Platters

Serving platters are key to any party.  I feel like I can never have enough of these!

Spatula Set

Prepping for a party is hard work and let me tell you this spatula set will come in handy! 


For more gift ideas, visit the Instant Loss shop for all my favorite kitchen gadgets and tools!

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