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Easy Meals Meal Plan Monday

Happy Meal Plan Monday! I don’t cook every meal every day. The recipes on this site are some of the most common dishes I throw together but there are a lot of things that I eat that don’t necessarily require a lot of effort or a recipe!

I have a lot of those simple meals in my cookbook but I wanted to share a few of them here along with a couple ideas for what to eat if you’re out. It’s always my desire to be transparent and real with y’all. Dinner isn’t always share or pin-worthy but I manage to make our whole foods diet priority even when exerting little to no effort.

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before and after instantloss.com
Left: December 220lbs. Right: November 140lbs.

This is one week full of what I typically eat for dinner if I don’t feel like cooking!

Monday- Green Smoothie with organic store bought hummus or homemade if I have some on hand with cucumber and veggie spears or slices.

Tuesday- Tuna salad (mayo and sweet relish) with broccoli slaw on a rice cake.

Wednesday- Simple Salad (a few handfuls of mixed greens, pumpkin seeds, assorted veggies, and beans) with balsamic vinegar, oil, salt and pepper.

Thursday- Instant Pot “Dump Meal” Easy Vegan Pasta

Friday- 1/2 Chipotle Burrito Bowl

Saturday- Salad bar from Sprouts ($7 a lb) or Whole Foods Market ($9 a lb)

Sunday- Breakfast for dinner! Scrambled eggs with spinach and chives and turkey bacon or chicken sausage.

Eating well doesn’t have to be a chore or a huge inconvenience. It’s important to find simple meals that you like so that every meal isn’t a production. That’s how this stays sustainable long term.

For healthy, easy dinner recipes, click here!

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Need a place to catalog all the recipes you find online that will create grocery lists and categorize your recipes for you? I use Plan to Eat, it’s a program a lot like Pinterest, that helps keep your organized! 

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat



  1. This was me last night and also trying to,figure out if I make something that I may not be necessarily able to eat as a treat for my family, what can I eat that won’t require so much effort that it like making myself another meal! I will have to keep this handy.

    Thank you for posting this at a perfect time

    1. If it comes from the earth and is unprocessed, I eat it. 🙂 I try to keep it super simple. I’m not keto, I don’t eat dairy and my diet isn’t so heavily meat based.

  2. Do you share any of your recipes on plan to eat? I bought your meal plans and have had plan to eat for several years, but wondered if I was making an extra step for myself by putting them all in or if I could just “friend” you somehow? 🙂

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