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August Monthly Weight Loss Weigh In {Rebecca and Dan}

August is here! It’s hot here in SoCal! Honestly I don’t want to post. Why? Because accountability sometimes is hard but we have to face the music (or in this case, the scale!)

I told you last month we have a hard time this time of year sticking to it!!! This will be a shorter post. 

Needless to say we had a rough patch (for like an entire month)! I know last month was so exciting for me meeting my 6mo goal and on July 1st I weighed in under 200lbs at 199.6! 50.4lbs lost!!! Well that lasted all of one day! ONE!!! Then I popped back up to 202.6, and that weight literally haunted me all month, sometimes fluctuating slightly up and down a little. But never getting under 200 again. Then I went to Texas for a week! I maintained at least (I was actually shocked about that when I got home and weighed).

Unfortunately, following vacation, I came home in a very lazy mode. I didn’t want to shop, cook or meal plan! I wanted to go fun places with my husband who I was away from for a week! So we did, we splurged to often and it dragged on without me picking back up and doing what I knew I should be doing! We didn’t eat bad every meal. Some dinners were popcorn. But as I posted recently in the accountability group, we had a couple bad days and heading into last weekend we decided to start fresh on Monday which set us up for many indulgences over the weekend. I’m talking, sugar, gluten, dairy, even fried food. 

By Sunday night we were paying for it!!! Stomach aches, reflux, heartburn, headaches, bloating! Ugh!!!!  It was a sleepless, restless night. I knew better! But we paid the price! 

So Monday I detoxed. Lots of water, tea, green smoothie and a simple salad. No meat protein, no sugar, dairy or gluten! Then I took a long aromatherapy bath in the afternoon. 

Honestly, I’m lucky to get anywhere close to the weight I was at the beginning of the month. I know this is a lifestyle, a marathon, not a sprint! But going backwards from one monthly check-in to the next is more like a reality check! But here I am, where I am, aspiring to do better in August than I did in July. 

Dan is having many of the same struggles as I. He is still losing very slow and fluctuating up and down a lot.

I am only going to post our weights this month. I will post inches again at the end of the year. But the difference is less now on a monthly check. So I will wait till the end of the year to give our total inches lost for the year!

We will keep plugging along, determined to not backslide like that again. IT JUST ISNT WORTH IT! Here’s to a healthier August for us all!!! #JERF #instantloss #nevergiveup #gobuythecookbook

257.2 -0.6 for July (-41.8 total)
201.2 +1.6 for July (-48.8 total)
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