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Instant Pot Vanilla Extract
Author: Brittany Williams
  • 12 Madagascar Grade B Vanilla Beans
  • 1.75 liter of Vodka 80 proof+ (I buy the cheapest bottle at Costco, Kirkland Brand)
  1. Using a knife cut a line through the top layer of the vanilla bean long ways and scrape out the vanilla beans with a spoon. Add vanilla beans and seeds to the Instant Pot.

  2. Add vodka to the pot.

  3. Place the lid on the pot and turn the vent valve to the SEALING position.

  4. Using the display panel select the MANUAL function. Use the +/- buttons to program pot for 65 minutes.

  5. While the pot works it's magic, sterilize your glass bottle(s), tongs, and funnel.

  6. When the time is up allow the pot to naturally release the pressure, about 50 minutes.

  7. When the pin has dropped open your Instant Pot and remove the vanilla beans with tongs. Place the vanilla beans inside you glass bottle(s).

  8. Using a funnel transfer the vanilla to your chosen glass storage bottle(s).

  9. Store vanilla in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight. Let sit for three weeks, minimum. Shake the bottles up whenever you think about it. 

Recipe Notes

1. This recipe makes 55 ounces. 2. Use at least 80 proof Vodka. 
3. It will smell a lot like vodka when you remove it from the pot but don't worry that smell eventually goes away, just give it time. 
4. The longer you let it sit the more the flavor will develop and the stronger the vanilla becomes. 
5. Make at your own risk, I've been using this method for three years but putting alcohol in a pressure cooker isn't recommended by all and could potentially be hazardous.